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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
Radical and unrealistic changes?

Storm spoke with a SLIGHT accent in X-MEN. An accent so slight that most general audiences probably didn't even realize when she dropped it. It can be explained the same way people lose accents in real life. She was speaking with it less and less. Storm wasn't really that timid in X-MEN, either. She was timid in a specific and particular (and very weird and awkward) situation, with a dying and mutating Senator Kelly. Other than that, she was an outspoken member of the X-Men and a solid field warrior, who underneath her tough exterior had a very real fear of humans and their bigotry, but also a compassionate side.
Slight is an exaggeration. She spoke with an accent and was nowhere near as vocal as she was like in X3. She was timid throughout the entire film. It wasn't just in her scene with Senator Kelly. Her demeanor was way more boastful in X3 compared to x1. It's not really that hard to see.

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
In X2, she was much the same, outspoken within the team and capable in battle and compassionate, with the emotion being spotlighted this time not fear of humans but anger towards them, and the film showed a better mastery of her powers, albeit in a broad sense (with the tornados and large storm displays), and arguably her taking on more responsibility in the team as an away team member with Jean.
She spoke completely different and looked completely different. No accent, different eye effects, different hair, way more precision with her powers, and had shown leadership qualities. She was a completely new character. Stop trying to make it seem like I'm trying to say she didn't have any consistent character progression throughout the three films. She's had that, but she's also had some radical and unrealistic changes between the three films as well. The character in X1 compared to X2 does not look like a natural progression of a person in several aspects.

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
In X3, she was very much recognizeable as the character she'd been in X-MEN and X2, but she was taking on a leadership role now, and her battle skills had improved and become more specialized and her power use even more specific, along with the other X-Men. Her compassion was tempered with the realization that they had to do what needed to be done.

No she wasn't. She was very angry, very defiant, and very outspoken. Xavier had to nearly tell her to can it at one point in the film. She was nothing like this in the previous two films. She could fight way better in combat and again looked very different from the other two film characters, and sounded very different than the other two character. I guess you could justify the changes with your own opinion but that still doesn't indicate that there was one given. Therefore making these changes unrealistic.

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
There's a gradual evolution of character going on from film to film, but it's not a case of an entirely different character in each one. Yeah, her eye effects and power effects change somewhat from film to film, but so what? For all we know, certain occurrences of power usage trigger certain physical changes.

Costumes changes are just wardrobe changes, which happens in the comics as well. Hardly evidence of a different character. And the look of one's hair changing? Come on. How is that even an issue?

Some of you do realize that people can display multiple emotions in different situations (fear, anger, which are not in any way "out of left field", but very natural responses to persecution), and admit to such, and that it doesn't mean they're an entirely different person or character, right?

X-MEN, X2 and X3 showed different sides of Storm. Not a different character entirely.

I don't see a point in including claustrophobia in her character at this point unless it's going to be significant in the sense of a larger story.
This suggest that it was only one and not another. She had radically different hair in each film, she had a radically different personalities in each film, and that's really all I'm saying. I'm well aware of how the character has naturally progressed through the film. However, you're trying to justify it with your opinion. It still doesn't change the fact that we weren't really given one. There is nothing wrong with wanting a similar character at least once in another film. lol

You make it out like we're bashing her role in the film. The changes were very appropriate to some degree, but it takes aware some of it's approach to realism.

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