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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

^ The idea is that Yashida would not have brought the idea of Wolverine giving him his eternal life at the onset. It would have been more of a "I want to repay you and for you to see the beauty of the way of the samurai". Of course Logan would be like "no thanks", and that's when Yukio would teach him that it would be dishonorable not to take this gift.

He trains, sees the beauty of it, heals emotionally a bit, etc. Then Yashida tries to get him to give up his eternal life. The answer is no, and then things play out.

Logan would have been gifted with a samurai sword at some point (actually he was, wasn't he?), so he would have had it at the beginning of the fight. And it would have shown a lot for him to pull the sword first and not pop the claws. Of course through dishonoable methods Shingen (or Yashida) would have disarmed him, leading to the claw poppage and, well you know...

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