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Default Re: Batman & Robin Reboot

I'd LOVE to see a series that begins with the Bat-Family, all they need to do is establish that they exist in World's Finest/Public Enemies/Superman vs Batman and we're off.

Personally, I'd have the first film be based off Jason's return in Under the Hood and the titles it spun off into. The reasons for this would be:

1- Straight off the bat we incorporate the one thing that has been sorely missing in every "other media" adaptation of Batman, and that is his large family.

2- Nightwing is established and ready for his own spin-off, as is Jason, and Tim for any potential Teen Titans.

3- As much as Dick may be the quintessential Robin, the role of Robin has not defined him as much as Nightwing has, he should be introduced in the role that is truly his, which is Robin, while his own film would deal with the Robin/Nightwing transition.

From there, I'd love to see films that deal with Bruce as the kind of King Arthur he is, it would be great to see another No Man's Land epic bat-film with a fully fledged Bat-Fam.

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