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Default Re: Andrew Garfield IS Spider-Man!

Originally Posted by Vid Electricz View Post
So he irresponsibly chooses to break his promise to Captain Stacy? Makes sense.

Lesson learned from TASM: Being responsible is super fun! You can do pretty much whatever you want!
I see that the "Peter is an *** because he didn't keep his promise" argument has resurfaced. I still don't understand all the crap Peter gets for not keeping his promise.

A friend of mine wrote the following. He is defending Peter's decision at the end with the same arguments I've been using on this site but does a much better job than me at explaining it and getting straight to the point. The whole post is good but I bolded the part that I want you to reflect on the most:

Here’s a question: why is it that Tobey’s Peter could be with MJ because she CHOSE it in SM2, but in TASM even though Gwen WANTS to be with him, KNOWS his secret, and KNOWS the dangers that come with it… she’s not allowed that same happiness? How is it somehow more responsible to leave her to fend for herself in the wake of her father’s death? How does that make him less of an ass? No one ever explains this at all.

I mean yeah, her dad wanted that. That’s nice. Does that make every guy who ever dated a girl whose dad didn’t like him an ass? Should he have dumped her because daddy’s not fond of him? The daughter has no say? Is this the 1950s?

And furthermore, how exactly is he a “horrible person" throughout? He saves a kid’s life even at the risk of revealing himself, he got in harm’s way when he didn’t need to, he made a choice to go after the Lizard and protect people BEFORE he knew it was Curt Connors (or do people forget the scene on the bleachers ever happened?) and the best part: this comes after his selfish endeavor to only go for crooks that bore resemblance to the guy that killed Uncle Ben.

Know what that right there is? A CHARACTER ARC. What did he learn? RESPONSIBILITY. And the next movie’s official synopsis even refers to the fact that what her father says to him still weighs on his mind. Know what that might be called? AN ONGOING CHARACTER ARC.

Like seriously people, y’all act like Peter pretends his human side doesn’t exist. Like what, after Gwen’s death in the comics, should he not have stayed away from Mary Jane? Would that not have been the “responsible" thing to do? To simply break himself free of any unnecessary attachment so no one else would get hurt? Is this what you expect?

Best get angry with Stan Lee and Gerry Conway then, because they thought otherwise.

Like seriously people, what the actual frig do you want from him, because whatever you seem to recall having read is DEFINITELY NOT SPIDER-MAN.

This movie was directed by a man who grew up reading the comics, who can name the issue in which obscure, oft-forgotten things in the comics happened, who also included references in this film to Spidey comics half of everyone’s never read. (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #1 comes to mind with his conversation with Captain Stacy.) I think it’s pretty safe to say he gets him.

Put yourself in Gwen's shoes. Pretend as if moments prior to your mother's death, your mother told your girlfriend to stay away from you because she believes you will not be safe around her or be able to handle the rough times that will come with being with her. Your girlfriend promises to do so, breaks up with you, and stays away from you. How would you feel? Would you feel happy at your mother? Or would you feel offended and/or disgusted because she thought she could make such a decision for you and believed you couldn't make such decisions for yourself?

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