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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
^ I am sure they could have added the samurai training aspect by reducing some of the unnessary stuff. For example, did we really need Harada? What was the purpose of that character?

Logan would still have been at his lowest, making the martial arts training difficult, but it would have been able to help him move on. He wouldn't have started as a "badass martial artist". It would have actually been funny to see the master beat Wolverine's rage with unparralled skill. This would have added a whole new dimension to on-screen Wolvie.

I guess what I'm saying is that all of your reasons to not include this don't hold water since you could have still done everything you bring up, which might of actually have been enhanced with Wolvie being trained as a Samurai!

This was a lost opportunity for Wolverine's on-screen character and it wouldn't have been a diversion if it was incorporated into the story properly!
Even if Harada was not in this film, that wouldn't have given them the space to add in an entire subplot about Wolverine training in marital arts. Basically the core of Logan's arc in this film is him dealing with the death of Jean as well as coming to terms with his who he is. This is achieved primarily through his relationship with Mariko, and one of the things I applaud this movie on is allowing that relationship room to really breathe. Adding another story with Logan training with Ogun would have simply been to much and as others have said Logan's past training with Ogun wasn't even mentioned in the mini-series that this film is inspired by. Furthermore, I think its more meaningful to make Logan's relationship with Mariko the thing that helps him move on rather than martial arts training which I don't really see as something that would allow Logan to get rid of this guilt and accept who he is.

I think the whole Ronin aspect is still in the film because when the movie begins Logan is no longer with the X-men. The X-men fought on behalf of their leader for the sake of human and mutant co-existence. Now Logan is no longer with them and is completely rudderless, so in a sense he has become a ronin.

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