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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

The sword he got from Yashida never came up in a significant way which was a bit odd.

The final Jean sequence was a bit blunt and unnecessary. We could see how he moved on, there was no need to spoon feed us his arc. Also it was odd to see him still pining for Jean after meeting Mariko.

There's some pacing issues with the last act. I wonder how much this will be improved with the extended cut. For one, I always notice the part in the film where Mariko confronts Viper, only to be knocked out almost immediately. She then wakes up only a minute or so later. I found that kind of jarring.

Viper is my biggest complaint. The obvious dubbing is pretty distracting, and she has way too many random power displays. How about holding off until a dramatic moment to reveal them? Say when she is intimidating Harada, or when she attacks Shingen. Damn near every scene with Viper in has her spitting at some guy.

CGI robot is distracting after such a grounded 2/3.

All in all I'm very happy with the film. None of the above break the experience for me.

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