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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Here's the second part of that act, heavy on action.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
SCENE-High above the command tower. The Batwing releases Batman to a HALO jump into the sight. He lands atop a security team and quickly incapacitates them. He approaches a computer terminal and plugs in his hacking jack. After a few seconds, the computer rejects him. He frowns, pauses as though listening, than ducks. A fist crashes through the space where his head was and demolishes the computer. He rolls away and draws some batarangs.

HOPE, one of Luthor's bodyguards, pulls her fist out the wreckage. Batman gives her a look and wraps her up with a iron cord bolo. She breaks out of it with raw strength and grins at him. His glowing eyes narrow, and he whips out two line launchers. He fires, she ducks, and the cords go on both sides of her.

HOPE: Missed.

He hooks the two launchers together and releases. They throw Hope back, but she catches her self and manages to slip out of the lines. She looks for Batman, but can't see him. We see him rise behind her.

BATMAN: This won't.

She whirls around and he hits her with a foam pellet. We see it harden, and she begins to flail around. He does some apparent pressure point attacks, but she manages to land one hit that sends him flying across the railing. She's clearly struggling to breath, but when Batman grabs her with the launcher, pulls himself towards her and drop kicks her in the face, she drops unconscious, but alive.

BATMAN: What are you?

He limps forward and glides down to another terminal spot, but again finds himself locked out. He scowls, then pulls up a schematic that highlights the main control center and the auxiliary control center. He also spies MERCY waking HOPE in the security cameras.

BATMAN: Great.

He looks again at the auxiliary control and walks to the edge of the railing, launching the cable launcher to wards the auxiliary control. He wrenches open a panel and enters.

A little girl screams. He whirls around to see Lena Luthor, eight years old, clutching her father LEX LUTHOR's leg.

LUTHOR: It's alright, Lena. It's alright. Just a foolish man in scary pajamas.

He lifts her up and holds her across his body. This both keeps her from looking at Batman, and situated perfectly as a human shield for Lex. Batman's glowing eyes narrow.

BATMAN: Those drones have been here for decades, if not centuries. They used you to integrate their systems onto the satellite system. Who are you working for?

LUTHOR: No one. I have an alliance with one, if that's what you mean, but I'm not working for anyone.

BATMAN: Deactivate the launch sequence. I won't let you put that thing in charge of the system.

LUTHOR: And leave the world at the mercy of that idiot in tights? You can't really trust him can you? Everything about you screams distrust and paranoia. We've both run the scenarios in our head. He has one bad day...and we're history. You, me, my daughter, all of us, gone.

BATMAN: You're worse. You slew your own father, supplied Intergang with weapons, murdered those in your employ, and you're going to use Safe Skies to level Metropolis. He's killed one man in a fight to the death, and more importantly, he's better than you.

LUTHOR: Of course he is.

He caresses his daughter's cheek, and tries to calm her down, giving her a hug while still giving Batman an icy glare.

LUTHOR: Superman is superior to us in everyday. He out flys our fastest machines, hits harder than our most powerful weapons, and is practically immortal. And that's the problem. He makes us insignificant, and he doesn't even see it.

Luthor taps open a computer screen and flips through security protocols. When Batman threatens him with a near batarang strike, Lex shifts so that it scares Lena and activates the protocol anyway.

LUTHOR: We're far more alike than the alien is. 'If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?' We're human. We struggle, kill, and maim each other, but still we climb toward the heavens. And now this alien flys around, telling us we're safer where we are, under his protection, interfering in our affairs. He's a plague upon us, destroying our humanity with dreams of truth, justice, and the American way. What is truth, but what lies we tell each other? Justice? Vengeance for the politically correct. And the rest? Whatever we need it to be for our own interests. Tell me I'm wrong.

BATMAN: You're not wrong. You're insane.

LUTHOR: That's a subjective opinion. Like everything else. Like the world you think you live in. A world of mortal men with one alien interloper. I find its much more complicated than that. And so will you, once I open this door and Hope and Mercy come for you.

He reaches for a button, Batman slaps his hand away with a batarang, drawing blood, and prepares another.

BATMAN: That door's not opening.

LUTHOR: Keep telling yourself that. Repeat it enough, act to keep it that way, and it will become the truth. Even if its the most boldfaced lie in the world.

He shifts Lena around in his arms, so she completely covers him. Batman clearly gets pissed. Luthor grabs Lena's hand and smiles at her.

LUTHOR: Lena, do you love your daddy.

LENA (her eyes wide): ...yes.

LUTHOR (smiling): Your daddy loves you too.

He uses her hand to push the button. Batman doesn't stop him for fear of hurting Lena. Mercy dive-tackles him through the wall and down to a catwalk. He shoves a gas grenade in her mouth and manages to roll away as it explodes. We see him hit a button on his belt. Hope lands behind him, and holds him in a crushing bear hug.

HOPE: Payback's painful, isn't it?

BATMAN (struggling to breathe) ...not as painful...

Ace the attack drone hovers up from below and blows Hope off Batman.

BATMAN: that.

He pulls out a strange gauntlet device, that electrifies and reinforces his whole arm. When Mercy lunges at him again, he slams her down with a punch from it.

MERCY (spits out blood): Made that for the alien didn't you? Anything besides a glorified boxing glove.

Batman remains silent and hits her again. She catches his third punch and breaks the device, but he slams a device over her ear. We hear a high pitched noise and she screams and drops to the floor.

BATMAN: I made that one too.

Ace continues to barrage Hope, pinning her down. Batman rises to his feet, holding his side, and glares at Luthor. Luthor, still holding Lena, point right. We hear a gun-shot that catches Batman dead center. DEATHSTROKE arrives with an m16. He nonchalantly turns and shoots down Ace. As he walks by Mercy, he shoots the device off her ear.

DEATHSTROKE: That's a hell of good armor you got there. Probably reinforced it right around your little symbol to draw fire. Probably couldn't hold up to close range automatic fire, though, could it?

He aims, but then raises the rifle.

DEATHSTROKE: Get up. I'm going to pay you back for the bunker.

Batman lowers his head, then suddenly shoots up with another gadget, but Deathstroke deflects his arm and instead breaks it over his shoulder. Batman doesn't make a sound, but his face contorts in pain. He throws a kick, but Deathstroke counters and kicks him back. Batman crashes into Hope, who punches him in the side viciously.

HOPE: That's a rib.

She throw him to Mercy, who head butts him hard enough to crack his mask. His eyes stop glowing.

MERCY: That's a concussion.

She throws him back to Deathstroke, who knees him in the back and throws him to his knees. DEATHSTROKE grabs his sword.

DEATHSTROKE: Any last words?

BATMAN (barely audible)

Deathstroke touches Batman's neck as to gauge the weakest part of his armor and raises the sword. Suddenly, the whole tower is flung sideways. Deathstroke staggers, and Batman drops to a lower catwalk, crumbling upon contact but struggling to his feet. We hear a tearing sound, and SUPERMAN, tangled in drone and chimera parts, tears up towards the others, blasting off the robots with weakened heat vision. He crashes to a stop near Deathstroke and punches him through the wall.

BATMAN: Behind you!

Hope and Mercy both land kicks on Superman's head, but he manages to throw them away as well. Drones and chimeras scale the tower towards him still, crawling through the hole he left on his entrance. Superman lands in front of Batman.

SUPERMAN: We need to get you out of here. Your bleeding internally.

BATMAN raises his grappling gun and fires over Superman's shoulder into a drone. He releases the gun and it snaps into the drone before exploding.

BATMAN: No. We need to stop the launch.

Just then, we hear the sounds of rockets activating.

BATMAN: Shoot them down!

Superman uses x-ray vision to see the rockets, and heat visions several of them, but his vision starts to sputter and eventually dies. Then he hears something and turns. A huge mass of drones is sweeping towards them.

SUPERMAN: Get down!

He folds the catwalk over Batman as the wall of drones hits them and the whole pile falls to the ground.

Luhtor humms softly to his daughter, walks out to a helicopter, and boards, joined by Hope and Mercy as the tower falls.

We close the scene on most of the Safe Skies rockets launching succefully while dust gathers around the tomb of our heroes.

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