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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Opening Scene:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Metropolis. We pan down to a large, beautiful public park. A crowd has gathered in front of the stage, where the mayor of Metropolis is speaking.

MAYOR: And now I would like to introduce the man of the hour, a man who needs no introduction - the savior of Metropolis!

- a beat -

The audience applauds.

MAYOR: Ladies and gentlemen, Lex Luthor!

The crowd goes wild.

Lex takes the stand. He's cool, collected, charismatic. He looks like someone you could trust. He raises his hands to calm the crowd.

LEX: Now, now. I'm honored by those words, really humbled by them. The honor is not mine alone. I couldn't have facilitated the rebuilding of Metropolis without the courage, hard work, and resilience of her incredible citizens. [applause] This city has known a great deal of pain. [Lex seems emotional] Its known a great deal of suffering. But we've risen from the ashes. We've brought economic stability back to Metropolis. We will not stop fighting for the peace, security, and prosperity of our city.

Lex is still speaking on. Clark Kent, reporter, watches from the crowd. He's enamored. Lois Lane walks up beside him.

CLARK: You're late. You're missing the speech.

LOIS [with a sarcastic smile]: Oh, and you're never late.

Her smile fades.

LOIS: You're enjoying this?

CLARK: He's done a lot of good for Metropolis.

LOIS: You mean he's done a lot of good for himself.

We pan back to Lex. The speech takes an interesting turn.

LEX: We must also be thankful for our hero, the defender of Metropolis - Superman!


LEX: We have much to thank Superman for. He defeated the alien threat that nearly destroyed our city. I wish to repay him. I wish to provide him with an early... retirement. [Lex smiles smugly] That's why I'm introducing a partnership with the government to produce new defense technology which will keep our cities safe for years to come. [applause] There are some who say it was Superman's fault the invasion occurred. That his presence brought this General Zod to our world. That he should therefore leave. I feel otherwise. I feel Superman is a hero, and if he doesn't want to retire, I would be honored if he would partner with me and the government to keep our world safe! [applause]

Clark frowns. Lex is leaving the stage now. The crowd is going wild.

LOIS: You can see through everything else. Why can't you see through his ****? Clark?

Clark is gone.

We cut to Superman flying fast through Metropolis. His super hearing is picking up screams. He stops and hovers in the air. We pan down to see - -

what appears to be an alien spacecraft, crashlanded in a Metropolis street. Four large, bulky robotic soldiers are standing by the craft, firing at civilians.

Superman flies down and engages the robots in combat. The bots are durable - difficult for even Superman to destroy. But they cannot harm him. He takes them all down. Then he hears it - - the downed ship is playing a message over and over in various languages. In English... "Find Kal El. Destroy him, and any who stand in your way." Bystanders hear it too. They stare at Superman with uncertainty.

Superman lifts the ship into the sky and flies away.

A Lex Luthor Scene
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Lex exists the room after conferring with BRAINIAC. His bodyguard, Mercy, accompanies him.

MERCY: Don't make a deal with the devil, Lex.

Lex stops and glares at her.

LEX: Mercy, I am the devil.

Plotline: Lex Luthor wants the people of earth to believe Superman's presence is a threat. After finding a Brainiac satellite in the desert, he accesses the satellites computer mainframe and is able to use it to develop new military technology - robots and weaponry. He uses these robots to stage fake alien "attacks" on earth, each supposedly motivated by the presence of Kal El. When the robots attack Lois (who is on a reporting assignment interviewing Bruce Wayne in Gotham), Superman visits Gotham and is attacked by Batman, who wants Superman out of his city (and has prepared in advance for the eventuality that Superman might arrive). Its a knock-out drag-out fight through the streets of Gotham. Turns out Batman acquired a sample of General Zod's blood and tested its reaction to radioactive kryptonite, discovering the weakness of kryptonians. Meanwhile Alfred and the batcomputer are analyzing one of the destroyed robots. The fight seems at a standstill until Superman, seeing the destruction around them and thinking of Metropolis, stands down and surrenders to Batman. He expects Batman to kill him, and is surprised when Batman stands down as well. Just then Alfred radios in over Bats' earpiece and confirms that the robot is not alien in origin - it is LexCorp tech. The heroes realize their fight was misdirected.

The film concludes with a battle at LexCorp. Luthor constructs Metallo who battles Superman. Batman battles Luthor, who is wearing an alien-tech armored suit. The heroes win, and come to trust each other. Far off in space, Brainiac's skull ship awakens and sets off toward earth.


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