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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 1

Originally Posted by gear3ful View Post
Yeah, you do have a Point there. But maybe they have broken up soon after the end of X3. In this case it wouldn't really make him look like a jerk. And they wouldn't have to get close behind rogues back. But you are right, i really doubt that Bryan Singer will make him look like a jerk. But i actually think the possibility of bobby and rogue still being together is very very high. Even though i hope that bobby and kitty will get closer.
Bobby seemed to be slightly pressurising Rogue in X2 with wanting to kiss and them "working on it" so that could happen. In X3, Rogue was getting frustrated that she couldn't do all the things normal girlfriends/boyfriends do. Bobby was getting close to kitty, and Bobby seemed to be the one pushing it. In one of the X3 deleted scenes, Bobby and Kitty actually kissed which Rogue witnessed which made her decide to take the cure. If Booby and Kitty are together then I hope Rogue does call them out on it because they started getting together whilst Bobby was in a relationship with her.

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
If Bobby already dumped Rogue in DOFP, I hope there's room for Gambit in X5!
I would love to see Gambit socialising with Rogue especially if Bobby feels that he should protect Rogue from Gambit, and Rogue tells Bobby to mind his own business.

Originally Posted by Charism View Post
I love to see Gambit, my favourite X-Man, but no. Don't want to see Gambit trying to get close to ... such a clumsy, charmless Rogue. Less of her - better. Even if that mans no Gambit at all.

You did enogh damage to characters mr Singer.
I could see Gambit being very flirty with Rogue and Bobby not liking it one bit. However Gambit could be good for Rogue's self-confidence.

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