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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Thanks. I'm out of the loop on this, obviously! There's so much superhero movie tittle-tattle, gossip and rumour around that I've sort of given up chasing every single thing everybody says. All these sites are looking for soundbites that will make a good headline and it's getting too much, to be honest. No wonder the general public are turned off!
Yeah, no problem man.

I think it's a better call with a team film. We all like seeing these characters interacting with eachother alot more then individually.

...and yeah I think it was Cable and Deadpool. Those two names and X-Force were all mentioned by Millar when he was hired. Makes sense if they are rolling them all into one since they all can fit in a film together pretty well.

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