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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

I'm skipping ahead towards the end here, but here's an exchange from near the end of the film, where our heroes have joined forces, foiled Luthor's scheme (which had Metallo and Clayface doing the dirtywork, thus allowing Lex to get away mostly scott-free) and now are speaking to Lex.

INT- Lexcorp Tower- Night

LEX LUTHOR is standing at his window, looking at the alien that has foiled his plan, who has taken the love of his city away from him. He is looking at SUPERMAN, who hovers, staring at him.

Well, alien? How does it feel? Today, you were brought down to the level of mere mortals, if only for a few minutes... and now you know how we all feel with you lording over us. Why, I wouldn't be surprised if this makes you feel more powerful than ever.

SUPERMAN (grimly)
It does, Lex... it does. But-

LEX (interrupting, once again using his hand gestures)
And I bet you now more than ever think you could rule us! Sweep us from the Earth! Now you know just how powerful you really are and how weak we are! This is why I'm needed, Alien! To stop you!

Suddenly, a sound, a throw! Something coming through the air! LEX then sees a BATARANG hit the window-pillar near him.

No, Luthor. That's my job.

LEX turns and is shocked to see, luring in the shadows, THE BATMAN.

How the hell did you get in here?

You claim that mankind can't stand, can't achieve, so long as Superman is with us. I think you underestimate us. After all, I beat Superman... and I'm just a man.

You are NO MAN. And you didn't beat Superman. That was some sort of charade the two of you put on!

Cut to Superman smiling ever-so-briefly. Lex is right. Partially.

BATMAN walks out of the shadows, lurks by Lex.

The only charade I see in here is you, Lex.

And you don't need X-Ray vision to see that.


Oh, and, Batman, left coat pocket.

BATMAN leaps forward, knocking Lex to his desk and frisking his left coat pocket. From it, he draws a lead box.

No, don't take that, it's the only thing that will protect me from him!

Now, Lex, why would you need protecting? I'm Superman. I only go after bad guys.

BATMAN places the kryptonite into his belt. He then jumps up onto the desk, and prepares to leave with Superman.

I'll be watching you, Luthor.

...And so will I.

SUPERMAN flies away, BATMAN leaps out of the window and uses his cape to glide.

LEX slams something on his desk.

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