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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

Another one of the things I didn't like was the Silver Samurai reveal. When I first learned which character was Harada I said to myself, "that guy will be the Siver Samurai". Then when I saw that Yashida wanted Wolverine's powers I realized that he was really the bad guy and that his death was fake. But I never expected that they would make the Silver Samurai just some machine that Yashida needed to stay alive. Um... stupid much?

Worse, the moment I saw it move I thought to myself, "Haven't we seen this before". Then I realized that the Silver Samurai was nothing more than a shiny Iron Monger that didn't have flight capability and traded repulsors for a heated sword.

When the Silver Samurai armor opened to reveal Yashida I actually saw in my mind's eye Obadiah Stane sitting in the Iron Monger armor.

Rip off much?

Although the movie was enjoyable, and got many things right, they really missed some good opportunities and worse, had a couple of epic fails with things like the SS and Viper!

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