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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Batman v. Superman Fight:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

The denizens of Gotham's dirty streets look up in surprise as Superman descends. He's a bright contrast with the drab buildings and the misty rain. His eyes scan the buildings, searching. He touches down on the ground. He turns.

There stands Batman, his cape draped over his shoulders, hiding his armor underneath.

BATMAN: I told you to leave Gotham.

SUPERMAN: I'm staying here until I figure out what exactly is going on. Those things - - I don't think they are kryptonian.

BATMAN: Those things killed four of Gotham's citizens when they landed on the freeway looking for you. Your presence here is a threat. Your power is unwanted and unneeded. And if you won't leave, I'll make you.

Superman looks unconvinced.

SUPERMAN: My presence is a threat? What about you? Have you made Gotham a better, a safer place? Or are all those freaks you fight attracted here by your presence?

Batman doesn't answer. Perhaps he doesn't know what to say. He looks beyond Superman, to an old run down movie theatre. Beside it, a dark alleyway.

BATMAN: Darkness isn't alien to Gotham. It was born here.

He draws back his cape, removes an armored plate from his chestpiece, revealing a glowing green piece of kyrptonite embedded in his armor.

Superman staggers back. He feels different. Doesn't understand.

BATMAN: This is a piece of your home. I'm going to use it to keep you out of mine.

Superman makes a desperate charge. The fight is on. But Superman's strength is draining. Batman scores some hits. Supes bleeds.

BATMAN: That's what it feels like to be human.

Superman grabs the metal plate and covers the kryptonite, driving Batman back against the wall. Batman struggles, unable to get free. Superman's strength is returning. Batman presses a few buttons on his belt.

The BATMOBILE roars around a corner and drives straight for them, firing a grappling hook that wraps around Superman. It drags him away, down the street.

Batman recovers, follows.

Superman recovers, sets his feet in the ground. The Batmobile's tires spin. The cable snaps. The car fires a few missiles at Supes, which explode, knocking him backwards. But he rises unharmed.

Then Batman is on him, on his back, arms around his throat. The kryptonite is close. With his last bit of strength Superman takes off, flies away, Batman still on him - - then he loses control, begins spiraling down towards a rooftop. Batman is forced to let go. He uses his cape to glide to safety.

Superman impacts on the roof, falling through several floors. His strength is drained. He needs sunlight. He needs energy. He staggers out a door into an alleyway. Falls to his knees.

There, in the alley, in the rain, are two red roses.

Batman drops from above. Knocks Superman down. Has his hands on his throat.

BATMAN: You're done. Never come back to Gotham. Come back and I'll finish what we started, I swear to you. I want you to remember, Clark. I want to remember the man who beat you. I want you to remember you're not all powerful. I want you to remember - -

Suddenly Superman has his hands on Batman's throat. He lifts Batman off his body, staggers to his feet, eyes filled with defiance. Batman punches him. Supes staggers back, crushing the roses under his feet. Supes opens his mouth as if to speak, but is unable to.

Batman attacks. The result is a fist-fight down crime alley. Batman scores more hits, but Superman's hits, weakened as they are, do more damage. Both are beaten, bloody. With a flying kick, Batman knocks Superman out into the street.

Then Superman unleashes his heat vision - - focused, not full power, but enough to leave Batman's chestplate red hot. Batman staggers back down the alleyway. Retreats.

The exertion was too much. Superman falls unconscious.

Batman removes his chestplate. Has the kryptonite in his hand. He gets to the Batmobile, gets in. Quickly re-suits with a spare suit of armor. Drives the Batmobile around to where Superman fell.

Superman is gone.

Suddenly the Batmobile is being lifted into the air, far into the skies above Gotham. Batman ejects. Glides.

Superman drops the Batmobile down into the Gotham Harbor far below. Batman glides into him, Kryptonite in his fist, beating him. Superman falls, but punches through Batman's glider-cape.

SUPERMAN: I fall, you fall.

Batman doesn't respond. They are continuing to fall. Together.

SUPERMAN: I can save us both. I can save everyone. You have to trust me.

Falling. The wind is too loud for Batman to speak. Superman is weakening, losing consciousness.

Batman throws the kryptonite away. Superman flies them to safety just before impact. Lands at a dockyard. Batman is breathing heavily.

Superman looks through some buildings.

SUPERMAN: The glowing rock is about two hundred yards that way, next to a trash heap.

For the first time, Batman registers real surprise.

SUPERMAN: Maybe you're right about me. Maybe I am a threat. [beat] You're concerned about my power. Sometimes I'm completely afraid of it. Sometimes there's nothing I want more than to be - human. [he wipes the blood from his chin] My father died in front of me. I could have saved him. But I didn't. Because he didn't think I should reveal what I could do - - I because I trusted him. Trust has costs. I've never felt more human than I did in that moment.

Batman says nothing.

SUPERMAN: I'm willing to trust you. Even though I'm pretty sure you are completely crazy.

BATMAN: Just get out of Gotham.

Superman nods, disappointed. He flies away.

Batman stares after him, drenched by rain, deep in thought.

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