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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

Yeah its absolutely fair to draw a comparison with IronMan, oh and IronMan2, which kind ripped itself off I guess your saying?

Anyway, lets compare, the mech suit and final battle of IronMan with The Wolverine as you wish to do.

The Iron Monger suit is just a bigger, clunkier, version of the first suit we see in the film, compared TW sleek and stylish, brand new, samurai mech (seriously if you must make a mech suit for your final battle make it look awesome and bad ass like the SS), so TW wins on design.

An actual point to the suit, now what exactly was the point of the mech suit in IM? Was there an actual need for Stane to make this Monger outfit? Or was it just required to have a big fight at the end of the movie? Compare this to the SS mech having two functions:

1. It worked as a life support system for Yashida to live longer
2. It was built with a specific purpose to transfer the mutant ability of Logan into its users body.

So TW wins on function as well as design, hmmm interesting.

Now then the fight itself, IM and Stane threw some cars around, bounced off a few things, went up to the edge of space, yeah ok not bad but nothing amazing. TW again maybe not the greatest finishing fight, but, it had better dialogue and story points during it, it had some shocking moments with the claws destroyed that effects Logan in the long term, had a nice twist of a moment where Mariko ends up saving the hero, going against convention and finally an emotional pay off with Jean that showed that Logan was ready to move on and had achieved redemption. If I am being generous lets call this one a draw.

So, in summary, the SS mech, looks better and has more purpose than the Stane suit with a fight that actually had some surprising moments in it, to make it the clear winner.

So yes TW did rip off the ending of IM............and did it a whole lot better too.

Great comparison, glad you brought it up.

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