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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

^ Agree TW totally wins on look!

Although the Samurai suit was used to keep Yashida alive, it wasn't necessary for that purpose, meaning a bed or stasis unit could have been used instead. The main point was to be able to attack Wolverine (just like Iron Monger was used to attack Ironman) and in this case steal his healing factor (life). So yes, again, TW wins on purpose.

As you point out the end fight in TW wasn't that good. The fight scene in Ironman had them flying, climbing through the ground, shooting repulsor beams, punching, kicking, etc.

I'll agree that the dialogue in TW final fight was better, but the battle itself was better in Ironman.

But totally good point. I would agree that overall TW final fight was better in essence than Ironman. Not in action, but in essence.

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