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I would like them to make a movie about Robin. They continue where TDKR ended.

This movie will begin with Robin John Blake as Batman. Early in the movie, they show Blake training inside a gym with several MMA fighters. One day, he decides to visit another gym, in the gym he meets an old friend from the orphanage Richard "Dick" Grayson. When they meet, Blake asks him when has he been all these years, Dick tells him he been around the world training with different martial arts and has recently gain interest in MMA.

Blake tells Dick "Guess something never change." Then a back story showing Blake and Grayson in the orphanage. They show Dick getting beat up and Blake rescues him. Dick was a depressed child in the orphanage since he was traumatized by the death of his parents. After the fight Dick tell Blake, "I'm gonna become strong one day and beat them." Blake tell him "revenge is not always the answer." They will also show a scene where Blake teaches him how to defend himself against bullies.

Back to main story, there have been reports of mysterious have been popping up. The murders include victims getting sniped and some slashed by some type of blade. Batman Blake starts to investigate this at one night. He finds Deathstroke and Deadshot are responsible for this. After several more casualties he finally finds Deadshot and Deatchstoke. They fight. Long story short, just as batman thought he had taken care of both deathstroke and deadshot. Batman get shot by Deadshot. Daethstroke and deadshot flee. Batman tries to stand up but he can't

Since Blake doesn't have a butler like Alfred, he decides to call Dick to help him. Dick arrives to the scene, and sees Batman lying on the ground. Batman gives the directions to the Batcave. They go to the Batcave, Dick takes off the batman mask and finds out he John Blake. Blake is badly wounded so he takes him to the hospital. Some part of Blake's body are paralyzed. He cannot continue to become Batman. Blake dies a few days later. A month after his death, there is a rise of victims by deathtroke and deadshot.

Dick has been contemplating to wear the batman suit and fight deathstroke and deadshot. One night he finally decides to suit up as Batman. He wears the Batman suit but he decides to paint parts of the suit dark red. This is symbolic for war. He also grinds off the bat horns on the bat helmet. His suit is very similar to batman but has hints of Dark Red.

Dick finds deathstoke and deadshot. Deathstoke asks deadshot "Didn't you kill the Batman". New Batman answers "He did. I'm not Batman. I'm Robin." They fight and Robin is overwhelmed. Robin thinks that this is the end. And then a mystery shadow shows up. The real Batman shows up, Bale, and helps Robin. They fight and they win. Batman then leaves before he leaves he tells Robin "Don't let your anger blind you."

At the very end of the movie, they show Bruce training Dick. In the Nolan's Batman everything has to have a reason. Richard decided to call his alter ego as Robin as a memory of an old friend which Robin John Blake.

I would like to see something like this. Basically the origin of Robin.

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