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Default Re: Would you do anything differently in MoS?

Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Make Jonathan Kent a little.... better at clarifying himself. Yes he WANTS Clark to help people, but he mustn't be stupid able it etc.

Have them show the distance being far, between Clark and Jonathan when the tornado takes him. I'd ultimately prefer indecision and fear combining to make Clark too late/slow to save him.

Take out the Superman/Lois kiss. Have then together same scene but have Superman look around distraught. Have him say something that shows his sadness and possible guilt at helping cause the devastation. Only then (if you have to) have them kiss.

Take out the coughing at the world engine. Or at least so it properly. Shorten the fight against the self defense nanotechnology squid.

Have him smother Zod's eyes as he snaps his neck; that heat vision flame has to go somewhere when Zod's head is jerked around. Gets his hand burned for it.

Show there was a longish delay between end of battle and Daily Planet entrance, partly by him waiting for his hand to heal (for example - something to show they're a little more upbeat because it's been a while)'s amazing how us fans can come up with better situations than people who are paid to do should be brought in for the sequel Bren....

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