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Default Re: SPOILER ALERT: Anyone bothered by....

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
I agree that pretty much he got his adamantium, escaped, hung out with the old people, they got shot, he went on the run and everything played out over the next couple of days.

But it really comes down to the 3 mile island issue. If, as most of us assumed, it was a cover-up for the fight and aftermath then yes, 1973 Wolverine still has bone claws. If they try to say that the 3 mile island incident had nothing to do with Wolverine's fight, then they could say that that battle was in 1971 or 1972 and the 1973 Wolvie could have adamantium.
There's a whole host of issues that go along with that, though, if you're trying to keep X-Men Origins in continuity and say that it takes place prior to the events of Days of Future Past--most notably the appearance of Patrick Stewart's Professor Xavier.

I have no idea what they're going to do about Wolverine and his adamantium, but I wouldn't mind him not having it in the past.

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