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Default Re: Smallville's influence in the comics, other DC media

Originally Posted by SpideyVille View Post
So I don't know if this would count as a nod to Smallville or not, but in the movie, Clark used the name "Joe" as he went around various places and worked jobs. In Smallville, when we see a young Jor-El on Earth, he also goes by the name of "Joe". I say they're similar because in the movie, Clark was sort of a drifter, and in Smallville, Jor-El was known as The Drifter. Its a stretch, but I still find that very interesting.
Except since one of the two creators of Superman had Joseph as a first name, that is more likely the reference. Plus, in MOS, it is only clear he used Joe at the Elsemere Island site. All they ever called him on the boat was "greenhorn".

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