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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Wolverine losing his healing factor has never been seen on screen, so most of the GA has never seen that happened. He's REALLY wants to protect this woman yet he can't do it as well as he could in the past because he's been shot, stabbed, beaten and has a drastically reduced healing factor. That's a great conflict for a film. I had no problem with the action whatsoever and Wolverine is much stronger than a normal man, so the throwing is believable. He nearly died twice from his injuries, so the film didn't ignore it. The big problem with the Deadpool thing (well, there were a lot of problems) was that Cyclops DOES NOT have heat vision, his optic blast are concussive, like getting hit with a blunt object. Deapool using them shouldn't have heated Wolverine's claws, Origins was so inept that they got Scott's powers wrong after the OT did them right. The adamantim bullet was just laughably stupid, the superheated sword that SS uses actually makes sense. Wolverine found a renewed purpose in life, fell in love (I hope we see Mariko again at some point) and will now face his greatest test with renewed determination and strength.
Wolverine did lose his healing powers at the end of X1 when Rogue absorbed them which made Wolverine's wounds open up.

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