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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Based on comments from Wadlow, he had to suggest that the 'MCU approach' not be used in connection with the X-Verse, for which I'm actually very glad. It honestly doesn't make sense to do solo films to establish the existence of certain characters before holding them into a big team-up movie given the way the franchise has been handled to date.

Getting back to character lineups, I would personally rather not see them use any existing characters other than Wolverine and possibly Colossus or one of the 'future mutants' from the DoFP 2023 future, but if they do use Deadpool, I'd rather they not even reference Origins: Wolverine and leave it 'up to interpretation' as to whether or not he's the same character from that movie, especially if they have the film occupy the same continuity as the X-Men franchise, which I think they should and which, based on Wadlow's comments, seems to likely be the case.

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