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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Hey guys! First post, excited to finally join in with the hype, motivated largely by the new trailer! October end/November seems too far away!

Originally Posted by Wontkins View Post
Power Ranger villain

I know he's going to look awesome on the big screen I just wonder why they went with that shot as their reveal...
Yeah, if it IS Kurse, they didn't give him too much fanfare, but it's possible they didn't want to give away too much in the trailer. As far as the general audience knows, it's the dark elves and Malekith who are the main villains of the piece, so Kurse is another ace in the movie's sleeves that they're saving....a secondary (perhaps even tertiary, if you consider Loki) villain if you will.

Excited by the increased amount of action that it looks like everyone will be getting! The fight scenes look like they are a lot of fun, and it's great to see that Renee and Idris have expanded roles in the film. I've been lurking on the board long enough to know that its popular opinion that a main character will die, and judging by that shot of a boat with a burning pyre (reminiscent of a traditional viking send off, no?) about to go over a waterfall, it looks like this is right on the money.

I know a lot of people want Jane to kick the bucket, but I quite like her (one of the few apparently!), so my money is on Frigga or one of the warriors 4. I'm actually hoping no one dies, but if its Frigga, who's affection for Loki is why Odin spared him going by the prelude tie ins, then it could be the dramatic push for Loki to side with Odin and Thor once Ragnarok comes in the third movie-yes, I'm getting way ahead of myself, I know.

Possible timeline of events in the movie? (Otherwise known as speculations-brought-on-by-too-much-coffee-and-not-enough-sleep)

-Start off in Asgard or the other realms, where Thor + Warriors 4 are trying to maintain order (The shirtless waking up scenes possibly belong here...)

-Discover that the Dark Elves are behind/ taking advantage of all the chaos to push their own agenda

- Pow wow with Heimdall, Thor decides to go talk with Loki, who perhaps shares that good ol' Midgard is in the Dark Elves sights too (possibly this is where the more disheveled Loki we saw in that earlier picture comes in)

-Finds out...whatever he finds out, brings it to Big Daddy's attention ( " If we do nothing, they will destroy us line?")...Odin relates the dark elves back story scenes ("In the beginning there was darkness" lines)

-Cut to Earth, Jane and co. are in London and thanks to the research funded by SHIELD, have been getting readings or are in some way aware of whatever Malekith is up to that would " rip the fabric of reality apart". See signs of said ripping by weird occurences happening (the kid lifting the truck with a finger)

- The humans finish building that thing that looks like an office phone handset in time for the Elves to trash London and for Thor to drop in and fight with Malekith (ding ding ding, round 1?!)

-Office phone handset device is successful in...erm...preventing the ripping of reality fabric (good thing too, the stuff is apparently irreplaceable) only to find out that Midgard was testing ground and the real show will happen on Asgard? Anyway, Thor wins (obviously), and the elves retreat back to the mothership

-Cue the beam me up scotty routine, because obviously, Jane needs to be where the ACTUAL reality fabric ripper is so she can use her smarts to stop it, or narrate how it can't be stopped

- Hellooo Asgard ( see "Wow" scene), Thor showing Jane around scene, Sif giving Jane SERIOUS stink eye scene

-Back to Loki again (How many death threats have we seen against him now? Two from Thor and Sif, plus two acts of violence from Volstagg and Jane? Someone's Mr. Popular ), and how Thor needs him to use his FINALLY showcased magic to lead them to Malekith- Cue the scenes where Loki looks all clean and ready to go to work!

-Thor, Jane, Loki go off on an adventure. Which goes down the crapper pretty spectacularly. Have not yet decided if this is where Loki shows off his double/triple/quadruple crossing skills. (Insert all the scenes that take place in the night/rain/weird tornado, as well as the ones that look like they're from LOTR and the quest to bring the ring to Mordor. Yes. I went there.)

- While they're off adventuring and getting betrayed, the elves launch a full scale assault on Asgard (scenes of the ships crashing into the palace?)

- Fighting. Loki. Malekith. Kurse. The resolution of the conflict. (No idea what goes on in this part, except that Loki escapes, because, really they HAVE to keep him around for Thor 3, right?)

-Someone dies. (Pics where Jane was standing next to Thor on a balcony..they could have been watching the boat go?) Jane goes back to Earth. Thor possibly follows her and takes up the Protector of Midgard role he had in the comics, and thus is set up perfectly for the second avengers movie.

Thoughts?! I know I'm missing a couple of scenes here..for the life of me, I can't figure out where the Frigga fighting scene would go. I suspect it's close to the scenes where Thor and Jane go through the big doors (her dress is golden in color there, as opposed to the blue one she wears when she takes off with the brothers), but that seems like it happens fairly early on in the movie so...I'm out of ideas.

If anyone actually made it through all...kudos!

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