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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
How would Thor and Heimdall know the enemy is (speculatively) Thanos? By beating it out of Loki, of course.

Look, you can't just sweep Thanos under the rug. Loki's entire raison d'etre in The Avengers was Thanos. Thor specifically asked him in the movie: "Who gave you this power? This knowledge?" In TDW, Loki will stand trial for his sins, and he will most definitely have to reveal his source. Then there's the whole "no barren moon" threat that The Other delivered to Loki. Thanos *is* coming after him --- that is *firmly* established in The Avengers.
He didn't say he was physically coming after him. He said there is no where you can go where he can't find you.

That entire scene, the way I saw it, Loki was definitely pulled, mentally, into another realm, that was heavily implied and at the end of the other's speech to him, it seemed like he hurt him. Thanos has always been a powerful telepath. I think that while Loki is imprisoned, he is tortured mentally, astrally by Thanos, and the Other. Making him, Pale, as mentioned, and Messy, as seen, and there is no where Loki can go, because they can get inside his mind. Which in turn, could be why Loki decides to try to learn more magic (seeing him with books in his cell, and blasting those tables away), maybe cause of something Thanos or Other said.

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