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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Alright, third part of that act I'm trying to do. Kind of a "cool down," debriefing scene.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

SCENE-A mobile Batcave. Superman, with his cape detached, is lying on a medical slab with a strange breathing apparatus attached. LOIS LANE, her arms folded and concern on her face, is by his side, looking down at him. We see the breathing apparatus contains a liquid that enters and exits Superman's lungs.

LOIS LANE: Is it working?

BRUCE: (offscreen) Too soon to tell. The solution's removing particles from his lungs as its supposed to, but I won't be able to gauge whether its the kryptonite or ash until I run more tests.

LOIS: And how are you? He's the one poisoned, but you looked like hell when you got here.

BRUCE: I'm fine.

Lois looks over at ALFRED, who's quietly putting away a medical kit, with a consternation look on his face.

LOIS: That's not what Alfred thinks.

BRUCE: (growling) I said I'm fine.

ALFRED: You'll have to forgive Bruce. The closest thing he has to a friend aside from myself's a pretty cat burglar who scratched up the car. He's not really a people person.

LOIS: Far cry from the Bruce Wayne we met.

BRUCE: Htt. Far cry from reality, you mean. That Bruce Wayne doesn't exist. He's a disguise at best, a distraction at worse. Just like Clark is to Superman.

LOIS: It's not as simple as that. It shouldn't be.

We turn to see BRUCE WAYNE, his torso armor and helmet stripped off, beaten, bruised, and bloody, at his computer opening, reading, editing, and closing files across three screens. His back is to Lois and Superman, and he's clearly still working in spite of his injuries.

BRUCE: You're right. It should be simpler. Your little farm boy wastes time he could use elsewhere. If I had half his powers, I wouldn't need to waste my time as some idiot playboy-philanthropist. A normal life's something you sacrifice in our line of work.

ALFRED: Bruce...

BRUCE: What, Alfred? What do I need Bruce Wayne for? He can't protect Grayson and bring down Zucco, can he? He can't close the case on the clown's murders. He can't throw Strange out of Arkham. All he's good for is shaking hands, playing drunk at parties, and helping a genocidal sociopath build the world's biggest gun and point it straight down at a city of seven million people.

ALFRED: And he's Gotham's first son, the caretaker of a good family's legacy hundreds of years old, and the only son of my best friend.

BRUCE: And if I were free of him, I wouldn't have to worry about those I care about, increase and update my armory, and take care of business without fear of the consequences.

LOIS: Like Lex?

Bruce glares at Lois. She stares back just as hard. He breaks eye contact, sighs, rubs his temple, and looks back at the screens.

BRUCE: (calmer and somewhat conciliatory) Alfred, I need you and Lois to dig up anything connecting Lex to Intergang for the authorities. If you can't find anything concrete-

LOIS:-Hand the circumstantial evidence to some blogger with some credibility and spam it across the Internet.

BRUCE: Exactly. And while your at it, I'm emailing you the back door codes to both WayneTech's Safe Skies division and General Eiling's personal computer. See if you can cross reference any of that with Clark's findings on Intergang. Eiling's just as dirty as Luthor, but he's nowhere near as smart. And Ms. Lane, trust Afred. He's tougher than he looks.

Lois reluctantly leaves Clark's side after giving him a kiss, gathers her coat, and starts to follow Alfred out. She turns back just before leaving.

LOIS: You better thank him for saving your life when he wakes up. You owe him that much, Bruce.

He looks after her as she leaves. He spends the next few seconds typing away at his computer before a sputtering sound is heard. Superman is pulling himself off the table, wrenching off the mask, and throwing up the liquid.

BRUCE: You should rest. We might not have gotten the kryptonite out of your lungs yet.

SUPERMAN: I don't feel weak, just nauseous. I'm guessing that container the stuff's going in is lead.

BRUCE: (nods) As is the cable system that was extracting it from your lungs. Stay there, I need to run a diagnostic.

SUPERMAN: (rising) I'll let you know if anything's wrong. What are we going to do about Luthor and this...Brainiac thing?

BATMAN: I'm working on it. And you should be resting with those injuries.

SUPERMAN: And I'd say the same thing about you. What's on the rest of these screens?

BATMAN: Other cases. I work better when I'm multi-tasking.

SUPERMAN: I'll just bet you do. Okay, so Luthor is working with some Technological being who's been infiltrating that fancy computer system you designed for the satellites. When I first encounter Brainiac, he scanned my brain somehow for information, just like Zod did. But something was wrong, because I managed to see his thoughts as well.

BRUCE: What is he?

SUPERMAN: I think he's an ancient weapon from another planet. I got this feeling of depth going back thousands of years. What I do know, is he's got a primary program to expose civilizations to some number of catastrophic scenarios and record our response. I saw some old city drowning under waves, rats getting off trade ships, and if I'm not mistaken, a colonial town coming under attack, maybe even Roanoke.

BRUCE: Any idea what he wants with Safer Skies?

SUPERMAN: I...I don't know. I saw Lex towers, and one of the satellites, but that's it.

Batman taps on his computer console, then begins typing.

BRUCE: Luthor's relocated his daughter to an out of state safe house and ordered the majority of his elite scientific staff to other buildings in other cities. If Brainiac has killed people in the past, he's done a damn good job of covering his tracks.

His fingers freeze on the keyboard.

BRUCE: Damn it. That's why he wanted Eiling heading the project for the military. The general's dirty dealing provides the perfect cover for having an accidental discharge of the main satellite weapon at whatever launch point Brainiac intends to use to download onto the satellites. And the perfect Broadcast disc from which to launch Brainiac's download-

SUPERMAN:-Is right on top of Lex Towers. No wonder its taken so long to finish.

BRUCE: And a single discharge from those things would level Metropolis. Which means he needs a to wait for the main satellite to come directly above the city before firing in order to make the discharge look accidental. We take out the satellite, or the towers, and we stop this.

SUPERMAN: It can't be that easy.

BATMAN: And it isn't. Lex has stationed his security forces throughout the tower, and that tracker I placed on one of the drones shows at least some of Brainiac's components are converging on Metropolis. And even if we succeed, Brainiac will probably just slip away and try an uplink somewhere else.

SUPERMAN: We should hit both and try and trap him mid-transmission.

BATMAN: It's risky. (Pause) I'll take care of the satellite. It's in extremely low orbit, still technically in the atmosphere, being suspended by those antigravity generators Luthor claims to have invented. They must be Brainiac tech. I can take the Wing right up to it if I configure it for orbital flight, hop on board, and take over the computer console there. You'll deal with Luthor and Brainiac's forces down here. We'll communicate with broadcast plugs.

SUPERMAN: Are you sure you're up for this?

BATMAN: Are you?

SUPERMAN: I have to be. There's no way I'm letting that thing play God from a giant space cannon.

BATMAN: Alright. I've got some solar panels back there I can configure them to give you a boost while the Wing configures.

SUPERMAN: Alright. Let's do this.

We see Superman charging using the solar machine as Batman has the computer customize the Batwing. Batman also dons a new set of armor, inserting new contacts into his eyes. They glow as he pulls on his mask. We see the two of them looking on as the computer finishes configuring the Batwing.

SUPERMAN: If this goes bad, and you're around to see Lois...

BATMAN: I'll give her your love. I know what it's like to lose someone close to you.

SUPERMAN: So does Alfred. You should listen to him more. He's right about Bruce Wayne mattering. He's the face of hope for Gotham City.

BATMAN: He's not worthy of Gotham, or it's children.

SUPERMAN: Then fix that.

Batman enters the Batwing.

SUPERMAN: Good luck.

BATMAN: No thanks. We won't need it.

He takes off. Superman follows. They both leave contrails behind them. The finale has arrived.

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