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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
What happened to discussing the point, not the poster? Or is the latter just easier then accepting others just have a different opinion?

Yeah, this is the reason I can't stand the Hype anymore.

Hell, I get the mods breathing down my ass just for expressing an opinion about a movie and filmmakers and actors who would never in a million years even *see* my posts, let alone give a damn about them; and yet, people engage in outright hostile ad hominem attacks on *other posters* here all the time with personal insults and belittlement, and they don't even get as much as a raised eyebrow from the mods.

It's not the "Hype" anymore --- it's the "Hype"ocrisy.


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