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Default Re: SPOILER ALERT: Anyone bothered by....

There is no way that Wolverine's mind won't end up back in the future (present) at the end of the movie. Think about it this way...

They want to use both sets of characters, present and past. If all they use the present characters for is to send Wolvie's mind back, what a waste. Won't happen. There will definitely be more present action and how can we be shown that things are "fixed" (like Jean is not dead) if Wolvie's mind doesn't come back?

Above, someone mentions how a younger, albeit bald Xavier was seen at the end of Origins. Totally forgot about that one. Hard for them to play with the timeline to make 1973 Wolvie have adamantium without totally forgetting about that one little thing!

Here's the problem...

Most of us would be ok with Wolvie having bone claws, but the general audience wants the metal! They will give the GA what they want. Again, no reason to give Wolvie back hi claws in the present, unless they just want to make the audience happy (possible), but story wise it is meaningless since most of this story will be in 1973.

So it will need to be 1973 Wolvie that had adamantium claws, and again that can only happen if they pretty much just ignore like 50% of Origins. As I said before, I would have no problem with them ignoring a big portion of Origins since that's what I do!

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