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Default Marvel One-Shots

I used the forum search but found no thread dedicated to this specific topic so I decided to just go ahead and create a brand new one. However, if there IS a thread out there, that I couldn't find, please feel free to ignore this one or merge it or just do as you feel.

So, what exactly is this about? It's about the Marvel One-Shots, the shortfilms, included on the MCU blurays. Some of them, like The Consultant have deep implications on the broader MCU and explain certain plot points that were dropped as plans for the metaplot changed, trying to retie them into the narrative. some of them are just fun.

This is the place to discuss them or talk about what you want to see in future shortfilms, which characters you prefer to appear in them.

Have fun.

post scriptum: I'll try to keep that following list updated over the next few years

The Consultant (Thor BR)
A Funny Thing Happend On The Way To Thor's Hammer (CA:TFA BR)
Item 47 (TA BR)
Agent Carter (IM3 BR)
All Hail The King (T:TDW BR)

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