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Default Re: Marvel One-Shots

Great idea for a thread, RH. I think about this idea more than I probably should...

I posted one idea on the Thor board, but I'll repost it here:
That said, I would LOVE a "Marvel one-shot" that focused on the Warriors Three on their own mission (much like the Agent Carter one-shot). Something like a flashback to the W3 retrieving the Warlock's Eye from Harokin for Odin's vault would be awesome (but probably too expensive). Call it "Tales of Asgard" and make it happen, Marvel!!!!
If they were to do something this, they'd have to film it during T:TDW to save costs (and they'd have the actors/resources accessible, of course). It might not advance the "metaplot," but it would be a fun fill-in for the fans.

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