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Default Re: Lol...if i didn´t know the critics and GA´s score for this movie...

Originally Posted by Kazuki View Post
So, your opinions are just the same of any other person who dislikes the movie? You don´t have any original opinion about the movie? I was curious about it. You say you don´t wanna get into this, but you already did, calling this movie dumb. If you don´t wanna finish something, why start it?

Aside from Nolan movies, what movies you don´t consider dumb? Super hero movies. Avengers, Iron Man, Spider-man, etc. Those are movies you consider clever? I´m really just curious.
No I have my reasons for disliking the film and coincidentally others share the same reason, sort of like how people who love the film might not have an "original opinion" if they like it for the same reasons.

And i didnt really start anything, look at many of the threads on this board where people leave comments about not liking the movie or think it's dumb. I responded to someone who said I would like the film if they called Robin Dick instead.

It's obvious you want me to say what I don't like about the movie so you could dig into why I am wrong, where I in turn would do the same and we would go around and around.

And it's also obvious you want to try and discredit my opinion with this what-is-a-dumb-movie-and-what-isnt, or so I think.

Also, if anyone is trying to "start something" wouldn't it be you for starting this thread in the first place? Or am I wrong?

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