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Default Re: Smallville's influence in the comics, other DC media

Originally Posted by John Lambert View Post
I have to say that was one of my least favorite scenes from MOS. I much prefer the L&C route where Martha makes the costume. Still, there is some realism to not flying if you have no clue you can. OK, what am I saying, including realism and a man flying in the same sentence.
Well there's the other extreme is John Byrne having the costume created after he was forced to save the space plane in public and had the luck of rushing out before giving out his name and Lois named him Superman. I'm comfortable if the origin of the costume is like the New 52 origin for the Superman costume or the Kryptonian baby blankets with the House of El crest/Kryptonian symbol of Hope bring turned into the Superman costume by Ma Kent(I also like how in the late 40s introduced the idea that Kryptonians was a society that wears capes and tights similar to Superman instead of him inspired by the Mystery Men/Superheroes of the 40s).

I admit when I saw MOS there was a lot of things that I saw in Smallville, DCAU(STAS, JL/JLU), Lois and Clark, JMS Superman Earth One, Birthright, Secret Origins, New 52 Superman, JLA:The Nail/Another Nail, Donner STM the most. It was a pretty good Superman movie for what's it worth.

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