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Except you do it at the cost of Hank Pym's character. You effectively strip away his depth, and guilt when he's responsible for Ultron (certain continuities showcase him being responsible for building it, others take it one step further by showing how Ultron is the personification of Hank Pym's darkness). That is honestly more interesting to watch than another "experiment gone rogue."
that's only if you agree that he has no depth without massively screwing up. some people see Pym's strength in his impractical, impulsive, and adventurous nature. he's the genius that ignores boundaries, societal pressure, etc. he's the prototypical mad scientist. he just happens to also be a good person.

he's not Stark; a pragmatist. Tony sees a problem and crafts a solution. Pym, on the other hand, uses science to realize fantasy. that's what the audience should take away from the character. instead, people seem sad that he won't be seen as the creator of robot hitler.

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