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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Here's my first meeting between the civilian identities:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

SCENE-The Metropolis Rebirth gala. A massive fundraiser taking place in the same station that Zod was killed in, obviously repaired and prettied up for the party. We see a digital counter adding up the donations as they arrive. Underneath it is CLARK KENT, in an obviously cheer suit than his peers. He is uncomfortably fidgeting with his tie and staring at a plaque across the room. It says:


Underneath, in smaller print, are the words:


Clark glowers softly at the plaque, clearly displeased with everything about. Over his shoulder, we see LOIS LANE approach him.

LOIS LANE: Feeling okay?

CLARK: (shrugs) I've felt better.

He turns to see that Lois is dressed gorgeously, and he gives her a quick up and down before smiling shyly.

CLARK: Though I'm feeling better by the second now.

LOIS: Down, boy. Save the charm for the dinner table. (She rolls her eyes) We're going to need it.

They begin walking down the stairs towards the dinner tables.

CLARK: You know, you still haven't told me who gave you the tickets for this thing. I mean, I don't mean to listen to press gossip, but Cat Grant keeps saying you got the invite from an old flame. (Teasingly) Should I be jealous of some rich ex-boyfriend, or what?

LOIS: (annoyed) Okay, listen up, Smallville. First off, don't ever listen to Cat Grant and her office gossip. She's just fishing you for more information, and she's a pain in @$$. Trust me, I know from experience. Second, no, I did not get my invitation and plus one from an old boyfriend. You might want to be worried though, since he does have an...exciting reputation. And lastly-

She stops, puts her hand on his chest and looks him in the eyes.

LOIS: -the rich ex-boyfriend is going to be seated at the table. But trust me, you have nothing to worry about with him. Lex Luthor's a scum bag with bulletproof publicity. It doesn't matter how well he smiles, how affable he is, I know The real him. And to be honest, I invited you to help me through anything he tries to start tonight.

They start forward again.

CLARK: You know, I actually met Lex when I was a kid.

LOIS: Really? How did a far boy from Kansas get to spend time with the "Man of Tomorrow?"

CLARK: I, uh, I won a science contest and got a trip to MIT. He was my roommate for a week.

LOIS: I've heard Lex when he starts talking science. (beat) I'm so sorry.

Clark chuckles as they their table. It is richly decorated and set, and Clark clearly feels uncomfortable. As he sits down, he notices a small red headed girl, about seven or eight years old, shyly looking at him. He smiles back at her.

CLARK: Hello. My name's Clark. Are you looking for your parents?


CLARK: Do you know where they are?

Before she can respond, Lois sees her. Lois's whole posture and look get somewhat protective and suspicious.

LOIS: Lena, do you remember me? I'm Lois Lane. Is Lex around here?

LEX: ( From directly behind her) Yes, in fact I am.

Lois tenses up. We see LEX LUTHOR, dressed in a solid white Tuxedo but for a black tie, smiling down at her. In the background are two tall, statuesque women wearing dark sunglasses and more utilitarian, but still fashionable, suits. These are HOPE and MERCY, Lex's bodyguards. Lex moves around and sits down on the other side of Lois, who signals for a waiter to fill her wine glass.

LEX: It's a pleasure to see you again, Lois. And I must say, that dress is almost as beautiful as you are. Do you like her dress, Lena?

LENA: (quietly, a little uncertain) Yes. She's very pretty.

Lois gives Lena a sympathetic and pained look and takes a healthy sip of her wine.

LOIS: Thanks for noticing. By the way, this is my date, Clark. Say hello, Clark.

CLARK: Uh, hello, my name is Clark-

LEX: -Kent. (Lex smiles) You're Clark Kent from Smallville. You were my roommate at the Einstein Celebration! How have you been?

CLARK: (clearly pleased) Uh, pretty good. I got a job working at the Dailey Planet with Lois right after the attack.

LEX: It's great to see you again. Wow, that was a long time ago. I was still going by Alex back then, wasn't I? How's your mother by the way? She still make "the best apple pies in Kansas?"

CLARK: Oh, great, you remember that. She's uh, she's good.

LEX: And how about Jonathon? How's your father?

CLARK: He passed away a few years ago.

LEX: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. What do we say Lena?

LENA: (eyes downcast) We're sorry for your loss.

Lois gives Lena another look, then glares at Clark. He looks back, confused.

LEX: So, Lois, which of my esteemed peers arranged for our reunion?

LOIS: (pointing forward) Bruce Wayne. On his way now.

We see a small group of debutantes and socialites gathered around a well-dressed, energetic, and perpetually smiling man. This is Bruce Wayne. He's accompanied by not one, but two red heads himself, though both can be seen stashing notebooks and recorders on their person. He is walking backwards toward their table, clearly in the middle of telling a joke.

BRUCE:- and then Alfred, bless his heart, he's a sweet guy, says "I don't care how much money you donated, the Gotham Rogues are not going to let play quarterback." Luckily, they had no problem with kicking a preseason field goal. And we all know how that went!

Everyone chuckles politely, and Bruce turns around to greet the table.

BRUCE: Lex, man, I have to tell you, this is a great party. I mean, you've got wine from before my grandfather was born, excellent food, and you've got the best party guests. I mean, I'm looking around and hoping you saved some money for the fundraising, man.

LEX: That's your department, Bruce. I'm rebuilding this city as fast as I can, but like attracts like. The more luxurious the party, the more luxurious the donations. And may I ask who these lovely young ladies are?

BRUCE: Right, man, right. It's a funny story. See, I had this interview set up with Summer Gleason here-say hi, Summer- for Gotham Live, but I had to cancel. Then, I scheduled a date with Vicky Vale here-(he kisses her cheek)-for last Saturday, so she could interview me about our little business deal and I could enjoy her company for an evening, but then she had to cover those Intergang attacks. So, I asked them if they'd like me to make it up to them and here we are.

SUMMER: (obviously a little exhilarated and tipsy) I honestly had no idea he'd called her, okay? I just want to make that clear. I mean, I'm having a blast, but-

VICKY: Oh calm down, Gleason. The gossip rags aren't going to say anything worse than what they were going to say before.

Vicky and Lois make eye contact, smile menacingly, and bear their metaphorical claws.

VICKY: Lois.

LOIS: Vicky.

BRUCE: Lois! You got my invitation! So glad you could make it! And again, great job on the 'Faces of the Rebirth' article. 'Bruce Wayne, in spite of his reputation for reckless and rash spending, maintains his families great track record of philanthropy, and is seen by some displaced Metropolitans as almost a saint.' That kind of sincere flattery deserves a reward!

VICKY: So you invited her, too. Swell.

BRUCE: Yeah! What do you think Lex? I've got the full set of beautiful redheaded ace reporters. And am I right? You and Summer were roommates in college?

LOIS: Yes.

BRUCE: And you and Vicky were awesome last year in 60 minutes special. I mean, you guys came off as great friends.

LOIS: Friends may be the wrong word to use, Bruce.

VICKY: Rivals fits better.

BRUCE: Ohhhhh. So this was a, uh....

LEX: Bad idea is the phrase you're looking for, Bruce. I give you points for ambition, but the execution leaves something to be desired.

BRUCE: Right. (Looks at Lena) Your father's right, kid. Take note; never invite two people to a four person date if they're rivals. Get it?

LENA: (giggling) Got it!

BRUCE: Good!

We see a small bit of displeasure flicker over Lex's face. Bruce still smiles mischiviously, then sees Clark.

BRUCE: Oh, sorry buddy, didn't see you there. And you are?

CLARK: Clark Kent, Daily Planet. I'm, uh, Lois's plus one.

BRUCE: Plus one?

LEX: Yes, he's the fifth person in that four person date you mentioned.

BRUCE: Oh yeah, I forgot to make it a single. Well, glad to have you with us all the same. The more the merrier! I'm sorry ladies, and I apologize. Still, it's a shame to waste such a nice table and great food. Besides, I hear Lex has a juicy announcement to make in a few minutes that you'll want to report on.

SUMMER: (sobering quickly) Really?

LEX: You have this annoying habit of spoiling surprises, Bruce. Yes, I'm going to make an announcement in a few minutes that's going to change the world, if I do say so myself. But for now, let's eat.

We cut to a few minutes later, as we see small bits and pieces of the meal. Lois and Vicky are being catty with one another, Luthor and Bruce are dominating the conversation, and Clark clearly feels like an outside observer. Eventually, Mercy approaches Lex and whispers in his ear.

LEX: There we are. General Eiling has arrived, and so my announcement can be made. If you ladies so desire, we can make it an impromptu press conference. It's going to cover a joint venture between LexCorp, Wayne Enterprises, and the military.

CLARK: Um, which military?

LEX: All of them. Now, if you'll follow me...

He gets up to leave, Vicky and Summer rise to follow. Lex signals to Hope, who comes and escorts Lena away. Lois turns to Clark.

LOIS: (whispering) See if you can pick Wayne's brain for anything about this joint venture. Should be pretty easy for a rookie, right?

The table is cleared except for Bruce and Clark. Bruce downs a whole glass of wine.

CLARK: So, Mr. Wayne...

BRUCE: Please, it's Bruce.

CLARK: Alright. So, Bruce, any clues as to what this announcement is going to be about?

BRUCE: Wellll, it's supposed to be Lex's little surprise, but I can tell you it has to do with something that happened in this building.

CLARK: Really? You mean the alien fight.

BRUCE: Yeah, man. You see, about a year ago, we got wind of this response plan LexCorp was cooking up. We had no idea what it is, and they're our biggest competitor, but soon after, Cueball himself comes over and proposes we come up with a plan to stop the mess that happened in Metropolis from happening again.

CLARK: Cueball.

BRUCE: Yeah, you know, because he's-

CLARK: Bald. Yes, I got it.

We pull away towards a makeshift podium behind which Lex stands, preparing to make an announcement.

LEX: Everyone, may I have your attention please. Tonight, we have gathered here for the cause of rebuilding this great city back to the marvel it was before the terrible attack one year ago. We have donated out time, our money-and at least in my case, quite a bit of alcohol (people laugh)- to reforge the steel that held our city high, replace the glass that was shattered, and restructure the neural network that made this place the hub of business and progress across the globe. So now, I, Alexander Joeseph Luthor, propose a toast: to the people of LexCorp burning the candle at both ends, to our friends from Gotham and Wayne Enterprises and their deep pockets...

BRUCE: (smiling) Here, Here.

LEX: To everyone here making sacrifices, to the people and workers who make Metropolis what it is, and lastly, to our new protector, who ended the alien onslaught in this very room. To all of them, I wish strength and courage, for the challenges of tomorrow and the new future we shall forge. Cheers.

Everyone sips the toast. Lex looks at his glass, then continues.

LEX: But while we work to return to glory, we must also look to the future with a certain amount of caution as well. We are not alone. We have the friendship of one outsider from a strange world, but we have nothing aside from he himself to protect us. And so, Id like to announce that with the sanction of the UN Security Council, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the support of our friends at WayneEnterprises, we bring you the safer skies initiative. A protective ring of satellites armed to protect us from external invasion with extreme prejudice.

The lights dim and a projection begins to play illustrating the satellite system, showcasing it firing outwards at facsimiles of the Black Zero. Luthor continues as we focus on Bruce and Clark quietly talking.

CLARK: So which part of the satellites did WayneTech construct?

BRUCE: Uh, I think we built the guidance system and the energy system. Lucious Fox told me it was a brand new solar-powered battery, five times more powerful than anything we've built before. What do you think?

CLARK: Impressive. But how do they justify a weapon built for a once in a lifetime scenario? We'll probably never see another alien contact.

BRUCE: Well, let's be honest, there's still one alien left, isn't there?

CLARK: So they built it in case Superman attacks.

BRUCE: That's part of the thought, yeah, but the guns are supposed to face outward, so it's an emergency weapon, really. Y'know, it's kind of funny, but I've seen all the memorial plaques across the city, but only that one (he points towards the one in the room) was payed for by Lex Luthor. And it's kind of a little intense, man. "Our hero dealt our justice." I mean, one dude killed another dude. That's it.

CLARK: ...Lois interviews Superman after the fight. She says he wishes it hadn't come to that.

BRUCE: I heard she was the first reporter on the scene. She ever tell you what it was like? It was kind of glossed over in her article on the battle.

CLARK: When she came in, Zod was already dead. He'd been trying to burn this family with those eye lasers they have, and she says she heard the snap out in the street when Zod was killed. She saw Superman on his knees, crying. I don't think he's the type of man who has it in him to kill people.

BRUCE: Well, he had it in him that day, didn't he?

CLARK: No. He was desperate, scared, inexperienced, and being goaded by the man who killed his father into killing him. I'm willing to bet if he knew what was coming and had more experience, Zod would be here to answer for his crimes.

BRUCE: You're one of those idealistic reporters, aren't you? Truth, Justice, and the American Way, right?

CLARK: Don't knock it till you've tried it. And is that Wade Eiling?

BRUCE: I think so. To be honest, when Lex was talking, Vicky was kind of rubbing her leg against mine...

CLARK: Wade Eiling's been almost court martialed three times. They say the only reason he's still in uniform is because he blackmails his superiors.

BRUCE: But they can't prove anything, can they?

CLARK: Not since Nathaniel Adam disappeared five years ago.

BRUCE: Well, hey, sometimes you got to put a weapon in the hands of someone who will use it right?

CLARK: Depends on who the someone is.

End of scene

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