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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Exactly, Wolverine moved on pretty quickly considering he was supposed to be madly in love with this woman, he wasnt even slightly depressed at the start of X3. Its why I find his love for Jean throughout the rest of that movie and throughout The Wolverine a bit forced and fake, as Scott was the one who was truly in love with her, and she chose Scott in X2 when Logan pushed her. I think it would have been better if in TW Logan was haunted by all the people he killed, or even all of the women he lost, it would have fit the character more IMO and would have made things more desperate for Logan himself if he is having dreams about all of these people/women he cant even remember. Then I would have more readily accepted him wanting to die during the movie.

In my opinion, it would only feel fake or forced if you really care about what happened in previous movies.This movie was meant to be somewhat of a stand alone. It's great if you've been following all the X-men movies, but it's not necessary. It's all self contained for the most part.

To focus on Logan being tormented by all the people he killed would make him a stereo typical remorseful killer.Seen too many of that type of character in movies, videogames etc.

And i much preffered the way they've done it in the movie than to have him mourn over multiple love lost.I like the one on one interaction between Logan and Jean, It gave us a much better look into his fractured psyche.Can't really do that if the movie makes him mourn multiple love lost.

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