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Default Re: The whole "freak" thing is getting old and makes no sense

Anyone who takes the law into their own hands should (and would) be treated as the criminal that they are. There is a precedent: look at Phoenix Jones, for instance. Superheroes work in video games, comics, films, and other media because they represent a fantasy, or to be more specific, our highest aspirations, according to Grant Morrison. They are supposed to be nothing more than intellectual and emotional foodstuff; symbols to inspire us to good, whether it is volunteering on a reservation or helping someone carry groceries to their car. They do not translate well to reality for this very reason.

Super-powered humans only bring destruction; if I lived in the X-Men world, I would be marching alongside the sentinels because their presence would cause us to go through a 9/11 almost every other day. Living in this age where madmen have their fingers around thermonuclear triggers and 14th century monotheism causes men to murder civilians, unchecked power is frightening and repulsive. What the comics and associated superhero media rarely show is the cost of the existence of superheroes: those who died from the collapsed buildings, energy blasts, or alien invasions. That's the point: again, it is a fantasy. In the four color pages or celluloid glory, everyone survives, even though base logistics say otherwise. If it was reality, it would not be a glorious portrait: the Avengers would have defeated Loki, only to be confronted by the screaming parent, whose child was crushed beneath the rubble created by one of Loki's steampunk serpents.

Again, the "freak" angle is a gentle reminder of the medium: It is a fantasy and should be applied to real life through the download of the aforementioned social and academic foodstuff: inspiring not violence or vigilantism, but care for one's community, local and global.


Again, I can understand the frustration with the "freak" angle being overdone. Sometimes I want my escapist fantasy uninfluenced by said logistics.

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