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Default Re: The whole "freak" thing is getting old and makes no sense

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
because people tend to despise those who are different
OR it could also be the factor of people not really wanting to have their house caved in on top of them when a couple of super-powered beings slam into the ground outside their house and start leveling punches at each other.

There's any number of reasons why superhero movies tend to show people as being fearful of capes, and personally I think it speaks to human nature a lot more realistically than just the (relatively) immediate embrace that we've seen in the Golden and early Silver Ages of comics. MOS got that much right IMO; there is no way possible that the United States government, let alone ANY government, would even WANT to allow a single being that powerful to run loose as he pleases - in fact, NOT wanting to lock him down would be irresponsible. It doesn't matter how many people he saves or whatever promises he makes to cooperate with the government - none of that changes the fact that the man flies at supersonic speed, is invulnerable to most conventional weaponry, can punch in buildings with his bare fists and SHOOTS LASER BEAMS OUT OF HIS EYES. Being raised on a Kansas farm wouldn't change the biological fact that the man would be a living weapon of mass destruction, and he'd be treated as such by the authorities. And I would personally be scared ****less of being in the same room with a person like that, big blue Boy Scout or not.

And that's just Superman. That doesn't cover the Avengers and the amount of damage that they would be capable of - specifically the smart*** in the flight armor who doesn't care to follow rules, the godlike being with the lightning-bolt hammer who has a tendency to plummet out of the sky, and of course the big green angry man who could reduce you to a red smear with one fist if you so much as look at him wrong. Or Spider-Man, who sticks to walls, shoots sticky stuff out of his arms, and Heaven knows what he looks like underneath that mask if he's able to do spider-stuff. Or Batman, who goes around at night beating up bad guys, drives a tank with four wheels, and tends to draw the attention of upscale terrorist types and grade-A nutballs who won't think twice about KILLING AN ENTIRE CITY OF PEOPLE just for the ****s and giggles of it.

Living in a world of superheroes would be as messed up as living in a world of kaiju or giant robots - it's all fun and games and awesome and "Oooh, look, Optimus Prime is fighting Megatron right outside our building" until Megatron knocks Optimus right into your building, crushes fifty people to death on impact and buries your *** under tons of rubble. But hey, Optimus Prime is still awesome, and thank goodness it was the other guys that got killed, right?

I don't have problems with the collateral damage in superhero movies, because they're just movies. And quite honestly they should stay that way. I think the 'freak' angle has less to do with people disliking superior beings because They're Different and more to do people disliking them because they don't want to be pulverized by an armored car that's just been THROWN across the highway on their way home from work.

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