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Default Re: Which route should they go with Quicksilver's costume?

Assuming they aren't SHIELD-related somehow, why would they be wearing anything other than civies? The concept of brightly-colored superheroes is still somewhat new novel* to the MCU.

Even accounting for the air resistance, comfort, and flexibility, we can draw inspiration from how "regular" people deal with the issue. In this case, the best I can come up with is cyclist spandex. Bonus points for it being brightly-colored spandex. Alternately, maybe biker leather.

*OK, "New" isn't the right word here, since Cap was donning a colorful costume in WWII, and specifically refers to the notion as "old-fashioned" in TA. But it's still not something that most people would probably ever expect to see, let alone think of doing themselves (look at J.A.R.'s character in Agents o SHIELD).

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