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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Here's a little bit of the finale I've cooked up:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
SCENE- The Safer Skies main satellite: a huge vertical monolith that looks like a giant rail gun, complete with four "jaws" creating the barrel. Sitting at the edge of the Stratosphere, the satellite is locked in a world of perpetual twilight, hovering above the earth using Brainiac's anti-gravity machines, with just enough atmosphere left to remove the need for suits but not enough oxygen to breathe. We pan up to the top of the satellite, where Batman is standing with a modified helmet. The wind is constantly blowing his cape into epic shapes. He is clearly already hacking into the satellite's computer system.

BRUCE: On site and currently hacked into the computer system. We were right. There's enough memory space here to store an AI like Brainaic indefinitely. I recognize the design from LexCorp's new super-computers. Have they begun transmitting yet?

CUT-Metropolis, Mid-day. Superman is floating above the city, scanning around with his x-ray vision. He casts another look towards Lex Towers, and we see through his eyes a bustling command center, but he switches vision to show no current in the satellite yet.

SUPERMAN: Not yet. And you're right, they've got only a skeleton crew manning the tower. Eiling and his men are in the control tower, but they're just standing around. How's Luthor going to explain his absence from Metropolis if the gun safely fires?

BATMAN (through radio): He's out of the country, having a specialist treat his daughter's crushed wrist.

SUPERMAN: What happened?

BATMAN: They're saying I did it. She was fine when I saw her, and she hasn't ever been out of Luthor's custody.

Superman scowls angrily.

SUPERMAN: So how are we going to trap Brainiac between the broadcaster and the satellite?

CUT- The satellite.

BATMAN: If possible, you're going to destroy his land based drones as soon as he begins his transmission. When he makes contact with this satellite, I'll run a program designed to enslave the weapon and maneuvering systems to my computer. He'll be downloaded successfully, but paralyzed.

Batman casts a glance towards the computer screen, where we see warning message flash:


Batman glares down at the screen, clearly surprised.

BATMAN: I've triggered a security line. Any action on your end?

SUPERMAN (radio): None. They don't seem to have noticed.

Batman hears something. Narrowing his eyes, he walks over the engines to peer down. He sees a mechanic's hatch open. One just big enough to hold a rather large man. He is suddenly hit from behind and falls off the ledge, revealing DEATHSTROKE, carrying a weaponized staff and brandishing it threateningly. We follow Batman down as he grabs on to a solar panel and hangs on, his cape still blowing in the wind.

BATMAN: Deathstroke's here. I'll deal with him. As soon as they begin transmitting, take out whatever drones you see.

Deathstroke, holding on to his own cable, drops down opposite of Batman and swings towards him, energizing the end of his staff and trying to impale Batman with it. We see Batman launch a cable and pull himself around the satellite. We then focus on Deathstroke's mask, which we now see has one glowing green eye adjacent to the red one. We focus on the green one and switch to....

CUT: LexLabs. Luthor and Milton Fine/Brainiac are observing a green tinted display that shows Deathstroke's POV, obviously from the killer's new eye.

LEX: I told you one of them would make a run on the satellites. And Deathstroke was the perfect "security feature" to stow aboard. But I'm curious, if you saw the need to follow my advice after they sped up the launch, how'd you get him there?

BRAINIAC: After his failure to execute the human interloper, I had one of my drones merge with him and secrete himself in the main satellite. My drone kept him alive thanks to his enhancements and my nanites.

LEX: Impressive. I didn't know you could do that.

BRAINIAC: This body itself was created the same way. You should have realized this. Gods do not bleed. Organics do.

LEX: I'll keep that in mind.

CUT: Metropolis. Superman raises his hand to his ear.

SUPERMAN: Batman! Are you sure you can handle him?

BATMAN (radio): I'm fine! Take care of the drones.

SUPERMAN: The drones aren't moving! They're staying in their pods!

Suddenly, we hear a rumble. Dust and detritus rises from the ground. We see through Superman's eyes that the pods themselves are moving. One of them breaks the service. It looks like a giant green eye. It focuses on Superman.

SUPERMAN: Never mind. Yes they are. They're just a little bigger than I expected.

The green eye pulses once, and a green shockwave floods outward, shutting down Metropolis once more. As it hits Superman, his radio shorts out for a while, but fades in and out with static.

BATMAN: * kzzzz* -peat that-*kzzz*-bigger?

Superman hurls himself into one of the drones, only to be swarmed by dozens of smaller ones.

SUPERMAN: Yes, bigger!


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