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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

I've read the "Batman vs Superman" first draft, here is the basic plotline:

-We are introduced to the new Gotham City in the first scenes.

-Batman has been framed for the murders of several criminals and the Gotham Police Department is after him.

-Gordon thinks Batman is innocent but he has his hands tied.

-Just when Batman is close to catch a criminal, said criminal is murdered just a moment before. He is unable to identify the assassin, but follows him to what seems to be his hideout.

-The place is suddenly surrounded by the cops, the murderer must have called them, the hunt for the bat's head begins. It's very similar to the famous scene from "Year One" that was paid tribute in "Batman Begins" or in the last scenes of TDK, but this time the cops are really close to kill Batman, he barely escapes alive with Alfred's assistance (who is using the Batcave's computers to monitor the police's movements and to help Bruce).

-After some investigation in the batcave, Batman learns that the murders are somehow connected to Lexcorp when one of the Wayne Enterprises satellites finds out that several encrypted transmissions have been sent from Lexcorp's main offices to the location of the assassin's hideout during the last few weeks.

-Batman tells Alfred that he might have found a clue about who could be behind the murders, and they are going to travel somewhere else outside Gotham City pretty soon.

-The following scenes are placed in Metropolis.

-The damaged parts of the city are being rebuilt by Lexcorp.

-Perry tells Lois that she and Clark have to cover for the Planet a big party where Lex Luthor is raising founds for the victims of the kryptonian attack in the previous film.

-Lois opinion about Luthor is not very good, while Lombards thinks that he is "a real hero" that is saving Metropolis.

-Once in the party, Lex is introduced and gives a speech that is received with a great applause and enthusiasm. He thanks everybody (there are guests from all around the world) for supporting Metropolis and its people in these tough times after the frustrated "alien invasion".

-Lex then shows a hologram of how Metropolis will look after Lexcorp has finished its work (this reminded me to the party scene in the "Lois & Clark" tv pilot).

-Then Lex welcomes Lois and Clark. Lois has covered Luthor's rise to fame and how Lexcorp has become one of the main american companies, but she thinks that his methods can be very shady.

-While Lex is focused in his conversation with Lois and basically ignores Clark, the new Daily Planet reporter leaves them both to grab a couple of drinks for Lois and himself, and in the bar he meets Bruce Wayne, "the only american in the party as rich as Luthor", Clark says. Wayne makes clear that he is "actually richer", but maybe not for too long, since rebuilding Metropolis is going to guarantee huge profits for Lexcorp, and they have also got several militar contracts that Wayne Enterprises rejected because Bruce was not interested in "certain fields" (military weapons).

-Their conversation is quite friendly and Bruce tells Clark that if he ever goes to Gotham he should call him, and gives him his "Wayne Enterprises CEO" card, something that impresses Lois shortly afterwards, since Wayne's relationship with the press has always been strictly professional or charity-related, not much is known about his personal life except for his romances with all kinds of women, so she thinks that it's weird that they are now "friends" and congratulates Clark because he could be the first reporter that could get a personal interview from Bruce Wayne.

-Back in the Daily Planet, Clark is on his desk using his computer to look for info about both Luthor and Wayne. He finds out that Lex is a self-made billonaire and a genius in almost every known field, while Bruce is the main heir of the Wayne Family who lost his parents by a violent incident when he was a kid. I guess this way the "origin" story for Bruce/Batman is not necessary on this movie.

-Soon afterwards Superman is contacted by the military through the same guy from MoS (General Swanwick): the US government is concerned by the Gotham vigilante known as Batman, he has become a dangerous example that could be followed in other cities by "other extremists thinking that they can mete out justice by themselves". The police has not been able to catch him so far and the use of military force could scare the gothamites, specially after the events of MoS, if the citizens saw the military in their streets they could freak out, so the president has decided to ask for Superman's help to handle the situation. Superman accepts the task, he'll try to find out what has happened and will stop Batman if it's necessary. I guess this is the main "Dark Knight Returns" influence that was talked about.

-Later that night, Batman sneaks into Lexcorp's main building looking for new intel about who might have framed him, but what he finds there is something else that was completely unexpected, Luthor seems to be working on something way bigger than what Batman could have thought before. He finds out that Lexcorp has all the remains of Zod's ship and all kinds of intel about the kryptonians. They also seem to be builiding/making something else that is undoubtly related to the kryptonians and Superman. Then the alarms go off and Batman has to leave before the security cams or the guards can see him.

-When Batman is leaving the Lexcorp building, Superman has previously heard the alarms and finds him, telling him to freeze/stop. Batman knows that he is no rival for the kryptonian, he could be dead in less than a second if Superman wanted it so, but anyway he has to try or otherwise he could find his end right there.

-Batman uses some of his gadgets and everything he has on his utility belt, but nothing seems to work against Supes.

-Superman tries to make him understand that he can't escape and should just surrender, but due to pure despair Batman just runs towards Superman and punches him on the face. Batman is surprised because Superman is so fast that he could have easily dodged the punch, but something seems different, something has changed, and Superman starts to bleed, you can see the shock in both of their faces.

-Then Batman continues beating the sh** out of Supes, he just can't react, he tries to defend himself, but he is unable to do it.

-Once Superman is completely beaten in the floor, Batman realizes about how this has been possible: he had picked something from the Lexcorp labs, a little green rock with a level of energy and radiation so high that immediately caught his attention. Somehow this radiation must have been absorbed by Superman's cells like the sunlight, but instead of making him stronger, this radiation seems to make him weaker.

-Batman tells Superman to be careful, because that rock was just one of the several that Luthor had on his lab, and he doubts that Lex has got them with the best of the intentions.

-Batman leaves with the rock and Superman starts to feel better and can stand up and also leave.

-Next day Clark is fully recovered, the sunlight has healed him and he talks with Lois about what happened the night before. Lois is obviously pretty concerned about what is going on in Lexcorp, but Clark asks her to not get into trouble, he will find out why Lex is collecting all that kryptonian stuff.

-Then Superman contacts General Swanwick again to ask him why Luthor has all the remains of the kryptonian spaceships plus much more intel about him and Krypton. Swanwick seems to be genuinely
surprised and doesn't know what Superman is talking about, but he is going to call to The Pentagon asap to learn what is going on, since all the kryptonian stuff was being supposedly in the US military's and government's hands, not in the hands of a private company.

-Meanwhile Lois is (obviously) investigating by herself what is going on in Lexcorp, and when she is getting close to know the truth, she is almost kidnapped by Lexcorp's men, but before that happens Batman appears and stops them, saving Lois.

-He tells her that he has found out what Luthor is doing: Lex is looking for kryptonian's weaknesses to build a machine powerful enough to kill Superman or any other kryptonian. Certain people in the government asked for Lexcorp's help after the kryptonian attack in MoS because Luthor was seen by them as the only human that could accomplish such task. This way Lexcorp also got all the military contracts that Wayne Enterprises rejected, being the main one to look for a way to defend humans against Superman or other kryptonians if this was necessary. This last project was only known by a few people in the government like the Secretary of Defense, hence why Swanwick had no idea about it.

-Lois tells this all to Clark and as Superman he goes to demand an explanation from Luthor in Lexcorp. Once there Lex tells him that he is a danger for the whole human kind, that his people almost killed us all and his mere existence is just unacceptable. They have a verbal fight and afterwards Luthor introduces his new creation: Metallo, an android with the sole purpose of killing kryptonians, powered by the immense energy of what he calls the "kryptonite" rocks.

-From the description in the screenplay, Ultron is going to have a tough competition for the "Badassest Killer Android of The Year" award in 2015. He/It has been built with the remains of the kryptonian ships, that were made with materials tougher than anything found on Earth so far, he is also way bigger than Superman (more like a mechanical Hulk), is as strong and as fast as him, has kryptonite lasers coming out of his eyes and mouth, feels no pain and has no feelings, his/its only goal is to kill Superman and nothing can stop him/it.

-He/It is an android without human parts like his comics counterpart, I guess WB/DC want to avoid any possible controversy once Superman (obviously) wins and "kills" this machine.

-Then the "big" fight starts, after the huge fight in MoS it's obvious that Snyder needs another good show for this new movie, but this time the screenplay makes it very clear that Superman is much more experienced and careful to avoid any possible collateral damage. Also pretty soon he is joined by Batman in a flying machine that I guess that will be pretty similar to "The Bat" from TDKR or maybe a modernized Batplane, this is going to be amazing for sure, can't wait to see it on screen.

-Metallo is winning the fight against Superman, and Batman can barely stop him/it. His flying machine is ripped by Metallo in the middle of the battle, but he is able to jump out of it before it crashes in an evacuated building/street or in the sea (the screenplay leaves this to the director's choice).

-The fight continues without Batman, who from the top of a building sees the Lexcorp tower and understands that he has to find Lex and force him to stop this all before Superman is dead and half of the city is destroyed (again XD).

-Batman finds Lex, and just when he is about to kick his b*tt, he is stopped by motherfreaking Deathstroke, who has been hired by Luthor to protect himself and was the real assassin behind all the deaths in Gotham that Batman was framed for.

-Luthor sent Deathstroke to Gotham to frame Batman and this way force the "Superman vs Batman" confrontation later through his military and government contacts. Luthor thought that Superman would easily kill Batman, and once this happened he would clear Batman's name and Superman's public image would be severely damaged for having killed an innocent human and superhero. Luthor's ultimate goal is the White House in a few years, and once there he would have used Metallo against Superman when the "alien" was at his lowest point of popularity, Batman's death would have been just the first step to damage said popularity, but he didn't count with Batman coming to Metropolis, his subsequent survival and the following events. I'm not completely sure about how they are going to explain all of this in the movie, but I guess that it will be developed in the next drafts.

-Batman and Deathstroke fight while Superman and Metallo do the same thing, but both heroes are having a tough time. The Batman fight is planned to show all his potential as a fighter like no other film has done it before.

-Superman finally learns how to avoid the kryptonite influence, fighting Metallo from the distance, using his heat vision, his superspeed, and also throwing all kinds of stuff towards the android. Superman is healing from his previous wounds due to the sunlight and Metallo is finally losing, but before that could happen, he/it has a last card up his/its metallic sleeve: his/its goal is to kill Superman by any means necessary, even if that means to start a selfdestruct protocol that will blow up the whole east coast with a kryptonite-nuclear explosion, not even Superman could survive to this.

-Then Superman makes the choice to grab Metallo and take him/it "up up and away" before the explosion happens, sacrificing his very own life to save Metropils and many other millions of people. This part reminded me to the end of SR but better, since he is not just lifting a kryptonite island, there is some action and some drama before it. It's also similar to TDKR's ending, but I'm fine with it since Superman is shown as a hero that is willing to sacrifice his own life to save everybody from a menace created by humans (Lex and the government), while some people could have some doubts about him after the kryptonian attack, this time everybody will be convinced that he is a real hero.

-And obviously Superman doesn't die, he throws Metallo away outside the atmosphere before the kryptonite explosion can fully reach him, and he is comepletely healed by the sunlight pretty soon afterwards.

-Back on Earth, Deathstroke is about to kill Batman, but before the last final blow, Deathstroke is hit by something that is too fast to be seen, but is immediatelly revealed to be Superman, who has saved Batman in the last second.

-Batman is all like: "I didn't need your help, I had him right where I wanted him", and Superman is all like: "Yeah, you are welcome". XD

-Luthor doesn't seem to be too worried, he makes it clear that he will never set a foot in jail, he is too smart, too rich, and has all the contacts. Batman wants to break his face, but Superman friendly asks him to not do it and to wait for the authorities. Batman agrees but leaves before said authorities arrive.

-Batman's name is ultimately cleared.

-Superman has a last scene with Lois that I can't remember well right now, some love stuff and something about writing the article for the Daily Planet talking about how Superman and Batman have saved the day.

-Bruce Wayne is in the airport with Alfred, he is going to leave Metropolis and go back to Gotham, but before that Superman wants to say goodbye. Bruce then knows that Superman has obviously used his x-ray vision to learn his real identity under the mask. Superman excuses himself and Bruce replies saying: "It's ok, Clark". Superman seems surprised, and Bruce says something like: "Well, wearing glasses is not exactly the best disguise ever". XD

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