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Default Re: The Official Alien/Mythical Race Thread For Thor:TDW

Originally Posted by Incredible Hans View Post
Yep. If a Kronan was in the movie as a big orange rock monster, parts of the audience would start to whisper: "Cool... the Thing is in this."

BTW, I would like to see Olympians (some day), ice giant (which are not to be confused with frost giants), trolls (they have to be in a Thor movie and not in a Thor thread ) and maybe dwarfs.
That would makes me think of Angrir lol

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
I want The Olympians in some capacity to appear in the future. Just a thought, but what if all the PHASE 3 films were to include the appearance of a well known Avenger most associated with the starring character of the film? So, say Hercules makes his MCU debut in the 3rd Thor film? Cap's 3rd outing has a similar character and so on... Then come Avengers 3 there is more than enough heroes on the roster to take on a Cosmic threat like Thanos. (Yes, I am just using this as an excuse to get Hercules in the MCU some how.)
Too bad we can't have it all. I want to see Herc and Beta Ray but a movie can only have so much stuff. If Herc and Beta Ray where added they would have to leave out or down grade Seth and The Warriors Three's roll in those movies.

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