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Default Re: The Official Alien/Mythical Race Thread For Thor:TDW

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
I'm satisfied with the Asgardians being the only gods in the MCU, it makes them more unique.

I hear ya brother, and I understand why that has an appeal, but....

It's my same problem when I do any pondering on the old Superman films.
When you have one guy who's a humanoid alien that is breaking all the known rules of physics it actually seems less likely that he's an isolated extreme outlier and more likely (using admittedly crappy fanboy fictionalized "logic/rationality") that there are other beings like him. It's why a world with only one person having fantasy powers always feels off to me. Really, in the entirety of your entire fictional universe this one guy is it?

Same with the Asgardians, and the comic creators must have felt the same way, because it makes a kind of sense and adds to the overall world, thus the intro of Herc and the Olympians (sniff, RIP INCREDIBLE HERCULES) along with Set and the Egyptian gods ect.

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