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Well, he was.
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Default Re: Underrated CB movies

Originally Posted by First Avenger View Post
I think The Incredible Hulk and Thor are very underrated,especially Thor,yes I know that aside from the battle on Jotunheim the scale wasn't exactly big but I love how character-driven it is,I love both Thor's and Loki's journey and pretty much every character moment,the cast was brilliant especially the Asgardians,the story was well told,the humor was good,I actually put it on par with IM1 as far as solo movies go.Also,IM3 gets far TOO MUCH hate,I really like that one too,just like Ang Lee's Hulk or X3(rewatching it recently I didn't find it as bad as I remembered).
Agreed about Thor. IM3 while not deserving hate wasn't good, and TIH wasn't as good as Hulk imp

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