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Default Re: Lol...if i didn´t know the critics and GA´s score for this movie...

Originally Posted by milost View Post
If you're going to put emphasis on the results and outcome then what about the actual aftermath of the event? From what TDKR shows us, Gotham should want blood. ESPECIALLY the GCPD. The only glimpse of "fugitive Batman" is from a viral wanted poster promoting the film! That's it! Okay, so Batman is a "murderous thug", uhhhh, try and catch the guy? That's compelling stuff in and of itself. How is that a cop out, showing that? That's the premise Dark Knight's ending is built upon.
Um, did you miss the part the moment he made a very public appearance that the whole police force was on his arse? They even let one armed robber (Bane) go, so as to stay in full pursuit of the Batman. Just in case you missed the emphasis in that scene, they even have Foley say, "Who would you rather catch, some bank robber or the son of a ***** who killed Harvey Dent?"

Just trying to be helpful there.

The Dark Knight's end even tells us this. It straight up says it. "You'll hunt me, condemn me", "We'll hunt him, because he can take it". We even see Gordon severing his relationship with Batman in front of ALL OF THE CITY by destroying the signal (which by the way, would show that the signal was indeed used to communicate with Batman and not "malfunctioning equipment", putting more pressure on Gordon to catch Batman).
Whose to say they didn't chase him? They just never caught him and it's been eight years. Again, people seem to assume that since we never saw Gordon reluctantly ordering investigations or Bruce Wayne use that Batcave, that nothing apparently happened between the end credits of TDK and the opening shot of TDKR. Like they all sat around for eight years shrugging.

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