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Default Re: Lol...if i didn´t know the critics and GA´s score for this movie...

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Um, did you miss the part the moment he made a very public appearance that the whole police force was on his arse? They even let one armed robber (Bane) go, so as to stay in full pursuit of the Batman. Just in case you missed the emphasis in that scene, they even have Foley say, "Who would you rather catch, some bank robber or the son of a ***** who killed Harvey Dent?"
8 years after the crime isn't the same as weeks/months/a year of investigation knocking down doors to get this guy.

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Whose to say they didn't chase him? They just never caught him and it's been eight years. Again, people seem to assume that since we never saw Gordon reluctantly ordering investigations or Bruce Wayne use that Batcave, that nothing apparently happened between the end credits of TDK and the opening shot of TDKR. Like they all sat around for eight years shrugging.
That'd be all fine and dandy for a novel, a book but this is a FILM, a visual medium. SHOW me the story, don't tell me everything through forced, stilted dialogue where characters wear the theme on their sleeves and spew exposition about events that never went on. TDKR is comprised of that. "This happened a few years ago, and this, FLASHBACK and this, and this, and this, FLASHBACK".

You know how many of those The Dark Knight relied on? None. The audience doesn't need any of that, they're thrust right into the action and the story is rolling.

You know how many of those Batman Begins relied on? The first act where they're setting up and laying tracks for the ORIGIN STORY DETAILING WITH THE DEATH OF BRUCE WAYNE'S PARENTS AND THE BIRTH OF BATMAN.

If some of you guys are more interested in hearing about Blake, bones, and orphans, clean energy orbs turned bombs that we've never even seen Wayne take an interest in, Florence Italy dreams, Harvey Dent Acts, etc. instead of the whole idea of SEEING Gotham and the Police turning on Batman, watching Gordon grapple with having to hunt his friend and ally that he worked closely with and actually SEE what this lie had done to Batman's health and the toll it's taking on him, then I don't know what to say.

If there was a "Prologue" to have, it shouldn't have been "Bane on a Plane". I think the audience deserved to see a little more than a reshot scene of Gordon blabbing on and on about how "it'll be a long time before someone inspires us like HARVEY DENT did". If anything, TDKR feels like a "part 4" or a "part 5" with all the junk that's compressed in there instead of a "part 3". Then again, I'm sure most of you would claim it was "IMAX limitations" from the director who supposedly claims that story and character comes before spectacle and action.

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