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Default Re: Rank the superhero origin films.

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
Lex calculated where Krypton was ("From the precise location in the galaxy he mentions...") makes an informed deduction, ("Krypton exploded in 1948...." I.E, Krypton hasn't been where it was supposed to be,hence it exploded.) and makes a reasonable assumption. ("It is reasonable to assume these particles of debris drifted to earth.")

Having a measure of intelligence,he figures out it would be deadly to him.("The amount of specific radioactivity,to anyone from Krypton,this substance is lethal.") He did enough research to find a piece matching his calculations in Addis Ababa. ("Voila!)

The scene pretty much gives you all the info you need.
Exactly this.

It is all in the movie.

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