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Default Re: Lol...if i didn´t know the critics and GA´s score for this movie...

Originally Posted by milost View Post
If some of you guys are more interested in hearing about Blake, bones, and orphans, clean energy orbs turned bombs that we've never even seen Wayne take an interest in, Florence Italy dreams, Harvey Dent Acts, etc. instead of the whole idea of SEEING Gotham and the Police turning on Batman, watching Gordon grapple with having to hunt his friend and ally that he worked closely with and actually SEE what this lie had done to Batman's health and the toll it's taking on him, then I don't know what to say.

If there was a "Prologue" to have, it shouldn't have been "Bane on a Plane". I think the audience deserved to see a little more than a reshot scene of Gordon blabbing on and on about how "it'll be a long time before someone inspires us like HARVEY DENT did". If anything, TDKR feels like a "part 4" or a "part 5" with all the junk that's compressed in there instead of a "part 3". Then again, I'm sure most of you would claim it was "IMAX limitations" from the director who supposedly claims that story and character comes before spectacle and action.
These set up Bruce's character as well as the payoff of Act III and the trilogy. I'll give you the Florence dream; I would have been fine telling rather than showing. The prologue sets Bane up as a strategic mastermind and draws the first of many parallels between Bruce and Bane. The eulogy also serves to tie TDKR into the overall storyarc. There's plenty of big things going on in Gotham; there's not many jobs, and those looking for work are finding it with Bane. Setting up the looting in the montage.

There was plenty of story and character in what we were given; it simply wasn't to your taste.

On the subject of the exchange between Bruce and Gordon at the climax of TDK: That would require Batman to still be active. Putting in appearances for the sake of it doesn't make sense. There were plenty of cops there when Batman and Gordon confronted Two-Face. They saw Batman roaring into the night on the batpod. There's no reason to doubt what Gordon says--given how Batman was working with the GPD at the beginning of TDK, his decision to flee speaks volumes about his alleged role in Dent's death. If there had been some more rogues popping up, Gordon could very well be forced to orchestrate a chase to maintain the lie. Instead Batman let the GPD go about their business, building off of that mass arrest Dent was able to set up earlier in TDK.

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