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Default Re: Lol...if i didn´t know the critics and GA´s score for this movie...

Originally Posted by milost View Post
8 years after the crime isn't the same as weeks/months/a year of investigation knocking down doors to get this guy.
You see, that is your main problem. It isn't the movie YOU wanted him to make. It was not my idea for a third one as well. But the question is if the film Nolan made works, not whether it was the one we all predicted. The answer is yes. A resounding yes.

That'd be all fine and dandy for a novel, a book but this is a FILM, a visual medium. SHOW me the story, don't tell me everything through forced, stilted dialogue where characters wear the theme on their sleeves and spew exposition about events that never went on. TDKR is comprised of that. "This happened a few years ago, and this, FLASHBACK and this, and this, and this, FLASHBACK".

You know how many of those The Dark Knight relied on? None. The audience doesn't need any of that, they're thrust right into the action and the story is rolling.
You mean lines like:

"I don't like you have your own division Gordon that is full of cops I investigated over at Infernal Affairs."


"As your enthusiastic new DA has put all my competitors out of business..."


"Let's wind the clocks back a year. These cops and lawyers wouldn't dare touch any of you..."


"Since Carmine Falcone is in Arkham, someone had to step up and run the Falcone crime syndicate..."


"Him Again?"/"It's the second time in six months."

It is actually full of exposition to tell us what has happened in the 12-18 months since BB , most importantly in how the mob's stance of power has changed and the rise of Harvey Dent to power as a White Knight, as well as Batman's success.

Really it is not that different rom TDKR (not counting the Pit flashbacks in the second and third acts), save that TDKR focused on a story and angle you didn't want to see as much as the fugitive story. Case and point:

If some of you guys are more interested in hearing about Blake, bones, and orphans, clean energy orbs turned bombs that we've never even seen Wayne take an interest in, Florence Italy dreams, Harvey Dent Acts, etc. instead of the whole idea of SEEING Gotham and the Police turning on Batman, watching Gordon grapple with having to hunt his friend and ally that he worked closely with and actually SEE what this lie had done to Batman's health and the toll it's taking on him, then I don't know what to say.
It's not about what I's about sending a message.

Okay, seriously, yes TDKR went in a direction I did not foresee. But this is not my story, so the question is did I like where the story went? I thought it was fantastic. I will agree that there are several stories we likely could have had seen skipped to get to this ending, but that is because Nolan wanted to escalate to what an endgame would look like and what if a villain actually "broke" Gotham. So, he told that story instead of the ones you wanted. It still works on its own as a fantastic film.

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