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Default Re: Thor TDW D23 Expo review

Originally Posted by seahammer View Post
Nice to hear about it from somebody who was there! We were discussing this over in the speculation thread.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
How obvious is the Thor-hand-cut-off scene? And is it in any of the same scenes we saw in the trailer?
Originally Posted by LadyGeek View Post
Found this on another site regarding Loki's actions and "hand gate". Eek!

Did you see/hear this, THOR?:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
As the Thor: The Dark World title appears, we see Loki giving Jane Foster to Malekith and he tells him, “I just want to watch Earth burn.” Thor is crawling towards Jane, and as Mjolnir is about to reach Thor, Loki cuts off Thor’s hand.

Got this quote from here:
This is exactly what happens. Jane is being held by Malekith, Loki kicks Thor who then reaches for Mjolnir as Loki pulls a blade and then slices his arm which looks like a burn wound as there is no rating of course...

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