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Default Re: Lol...if i didn´t know the critics and GA´s score for this movie...

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
What makes you think he retired overnight? All we know is that Blake said, "The last CONFIRMED sighting of the Batman." The Batcave is fully rebuilt in TDKR and Alfred makes some crack about figuring he'd find Bruce down here, as in he used to spend a lot of time down there. Those extra, less public, adventures may account for his other injuries, as well.
Fine, I was just being poetic / humorous there. So real life didn't intervene that week, but over the next years... whatever. The point is that it all happened off-screen, ruining the much desired pay-off it might've been to TDK's intriguing set-up.
Basically the way TDKR is treating its predecessor there regarding Batman's retirement, it seems to be either
-that night when he drove off, he actually disappeared from the scene; he was going to be the silent guardian in the sense of looking out for possible dangers that would require his intervention, but finishing off the mobs wasn't it. And then succumbed to boredom, and oh, that fall and being shot at really messed him up. What, what did you think happened? We're not treating this as a surprise or anything. Or:
-so something went on for a while, more injuries etc. (apparently graver than those he suffered while dealing with the main stuff, but whatever) but it kinda wayned (I'm so sorry) afterwards, so there - rest see above.

The rebuilt batcave and the injuries, as I admittedly hadn't really considered, kind of do suggest the latter, even though they don't prove it (might've built it just in case, or because it was a good place to put all that cool equipment in) - but again, in that case see above: it doesn't show any of that, which makes it feel jarring and lazy, and that's the real problem here.

the Dent Act took full effect
Yea, about that one... what was it all about again?
Like, criminals made appeals to corrupt officials, and then got released, and now not any more? Wish they would've done more with that than just a few lines, one of them spoken by a horribly out-of-character Blake

As for why this Batman retired. This Gotham not only was shot primarily in NYC, but it was made to look like the modern, post-1990s NYC. And if you've even visited that city in the last 20 years, at least the Manhattan borough (which appears to be all Gotham is in TDKR) is incredibly clean and highly policed, particularly after 9/11, which has led to the NYPD's budget becoming mind-boggling.

If Nolan's Gotham does become something akin to that,
Or maybe it just looks clean (as it did in TDK, btw, for the most part) to show how peaceful it is now?
In that case Batman might be a bit more useful in catching the odd thug that slipped through the cracks - and that without taking into account all the cool stuff he's got that the cops don't cause he doesn't wanna share, as that kind of would make him useful even with the whole tightly policed thing in place

But regardless, even if what you're saying is right, I already kinda agreed that it did make sense for Batman to retire in the face of low crime / lack of corruption and mafias, didn't I.

Not leave no other choice for any aspiring vigilante, but simply made sense for this Bruce Wayne to hang up his hat, cause that's what he'd always wanted and was about.

the idea of a lone avenger stalking the rooftops only works for two reasons:

A) He is somewhat psychotic, or at least narcissistic, and he does this as much, or more, for his own therapeutic reasons as it is about saving lives. In short, it plays into the negative archetype that some intellectuals view as a problem with the character: He's a rich man who is spending his millions to beat up poor people, as opposed to trying to solve the root of the problem, instead of the symptoms. In fact, I'd argue that is exactly Miller's take in The Dark Knight Returns.
Not sure if I agree with the bleeding-heart attitude of that (serious criminals, i.e. those assaulting and victimizing innocents, are still primarily evil and not just "poor", even if the poverty was a factor in bringing out their monsters), especially seeing as how vigilantes are often about meting out justice instead of appeasing the bad guys with comfort and money - but yea, this Batman certainly had abandoned his more vengeful urges by the time he took up the cape, in favor of working at the factors that drove society into its bad state; in that case, the mob.
Again - makes sense for him to retire given the situation at the beginning of TDKR... just not for TDKR to begin at the situation it's in at its beginning

B) It is a fantasy world where there will always be a need for a superhero. Basically the comics or, to an even more exaggerated degree, the Tim Burton films. Logic is a pesky detail to be overlooked.

But as Nolan wanted to "ground" it (throwing the word "realism" around Batman is ridiculous), he could not go with choice B.
Well, as explained above, he totally could, but this one was consistent with the character that had been set up all this way, yes.

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