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Default Rumor: Nolan-verse Gotham Police-based Series in the Works?

Rumor going around which I'm giving a few grains of salt of WB television looking to hire a writer (for what I'm guessing is a spec-script for a pilot at this stage?) for a "Gotham Central" type TV show set in the Nolan-verse, between TDK and TDKR, during the 8 years of Batman's retirement. Apparently, Jonathan Nolan is supposed to be involved in some capacity with it. Said show would focus on the GCPD in those years.

It's certainly curious/interesting... but it's also liable to be confusing, if you ask me.

That said, since it says they're looking to hire a writer, what my instincts tell me is that they're not even at pilot stage for this. Just idea stage, looking to hire the writer for the pilot.

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