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Default Re: Lol...if i didn´t know the critics and GA´s score for this movie...

Originally Posted by milost View Post
But there is a difference and there are more complaints than, "well, it wasn't where I wanted to see it all go".

You know what people mean when they say they wanted to see Batman being hunted.
Yes, it means they wanted a certain type of plot for Batman 3. Nolan gave them another. And they whine incessantly for over a year about it.

So, what if TDKR was even worse and time jumped 20 to 30 years into the future with a 70 year old Bruce, and told us all this exposition about went on during those 20 to 30 years but as a screwy, single entity, the film and it's story worked on it's own? You wouldn't have a problem with that? Sure you wouldn't.
Well thank God it didn't, straw man friend. But I must confess, I prefer a good film first over what's in the comics. If Nolan wanted to tell a story about an elderly Batman, I'd be interested if it makes for a good movie. WB after box office and teenage fans on the other hand...

Saw corruption in Batman Begins. Flass primarily, then what happened with Finch at the cargo docks
Okay, I'll make this simple. These are ALL character or story developments that occur between BB and TDK without being shown onscreen. Therefore we get exposition.

Case in point: Where was Harvey Dent investigating crooked cops in BB? **** where were Wuretz and Martinez? What they weren't there? Then, I guess this is exposition to explain who Harvey Dent is and what has been going on inside the GCPD that could cause friction between Dent and the cops, not to mention explain why Gordon has his own division and for that matter HIS OWN BUILDING. None of which were in BB. Huh.

Uhhh, Batman Begins?

Gordon was pretty much the only good cop amongst all the corruption. Nothing could really be done until Batman came into the picture. Don't you remember Falcone?
Oh really, so where was Dent cleaning up the city and where was Gordon arresting mafiosos. It is a development never actually shown over the initial arrest of Falcone in BB, but apparently it's gotten so bad in the past 12-18 months that the mafia is having their meetings in broad daylight. It is a development that shows a major shift in power between law enforcement and organized crime that took place OFFSCREEN between BB and TDK.


We saw Falcone in Arkham in Batman Begins tied to a chair muttering "Scarecrow, Scarecrow".
And where was Maroni, Gambol and the Chechen? The line is in relation to Maroni running the mafia and controlling organized crime in Gotham. Yet, his claim of power, and his entire visage, is absent in BB. Ergo, there is ANOTHER development that occurred between the two films that was explained away the dreaded expository dialogue that you so despise.

Joker card, armed robbery, double homicide. Batman Begins. The actual BANK HEIST scene minutes prior to that exchange.
Try again. It's been 12-18 months between BB and TDK. The last Joker crime was six months prior. That means, wait for it, the Joker has been up to no good crime offscreen between movies! I cannot believe Nolan would do that. Talk about not living up to the promise of the original film's ending.

I think you're missing the point here. The exposition in The Dark Knight is completely different from the exposition in TDKR.
Because you like one and dislike the other.

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